BEDTIME STORIES episode 6: No Names, Please


Written by April White and Edward Gorsuch, and directed by R.Lord.

Michelle Von Flotow guest-stars as Tania, a successful businesswoman. Tania perfectly happy in her professional life, with no time or desire for a committed relationship. But she does have a high sex drive. Do to her looks, she never has a shortage of willing partners, the problem is that even when they agree to just keep things casual every man eventually wants to get serious with her. And this includes Mark (Steve Curtis), the guy she has been seeing for the past 3 months. He basically gave her an ultimatum that he wanted all or nothing with her, and walked out. So Tania has come to Belle (Kim Sill), hoping that Belle can find her a man who, like her, is fine with a regular but casual strictly sexual relationship.

As it happens, Belle knows such a man, because it’s someone she’s been having casual sex with. That’s Daniel, played by Jack Ketchmark. Belle sets the two up, and has Daniel show up at Tania’s apartment one night where they proceed to get busy. Afterward, they both agree to continue seeing each other casually, and we’re treated to a montage of scenes of Daniel coming to Tania’s place and them having wild and hot sex. This is meant to signify a certain period of time, although it’s not specified exactly how long. Anyone whose ever seen a movie ot TV show about a couple who have “casual sex” can probably guess what happens next. And if you guessed that eventually Tania decides that she wants try having a real relationship with Daniel, then you were correct.

So now Tania, the one who insisted on keeping things casual, has to approach Daniel and see if he’s willing to go along with it. Will he agree, or will he let her go, the same way Tania let Mark go? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!

This is a great episode, thanks mainly in part to Flotow’s performance. She is a very sexy woman whom I’d enjoyed seeing in many softcore films, although sadly she’s retied from acting now (and runs her own clothing boutique in California). She plays her character well, and has two full sex scenes, one with Curtis and one with Ketchmark, in addition to the montage of sex with Ketchmark. And Kim Sill also gets a sex scene in this episode with Ketchmark. Her character didn’t always have her own scenes in this series, but whenever she did it was a hot one. So that together makes this one of the best episodes of this series.

Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

Bedtime Stories: The Complete Cable Series 2000 Unrated

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