LIFE ON TOP episode 2: Working Girls

Mary LeGault (Sophie), Krista Ayne (Maya), Heather Vandeven (Belle),  Mia Presley (Cassia)
Written by Jess Roman (based on the book by Clara Darling), directed by Kenny Golde

Picking right up from the end of the first episode, we open in Bella’s apartment where Sophie has just confronted her about her profession as an erotic model. Sophie ends up leaving and goes to Maya’s small apartment, where she tries to figure out where she’s going to live, as she can’t stand the idea of living with Bella now.

Back at Belle’s, we’re introduced to a couple of new characters, a married couple known as Dr. and Mr. Parker (played by Angela Nicholas and Colin Lawrence). It’s unclear whether Mrs. Parker is an actual doctor, but she shows up dressed like one, while Mr. Parker is dressed in nursing scrubs, and the two of them with Belle do a little sexual role-playing with Belle as their patient, before they have a smoking hot threesome. This is apparently a regular occurrence for Belle, and this couple will reappear a couple of times during this season.

Speaking of Maya, we see her back at her job at the coffee shop, of which she is completely unqualified. Thankfully for her, a handsome customer came in (Brandon Ruckdashel, who is credited as “Dude At Coffee Shop”) and gave her some tips. To thank him, she followed him to a local movie theater where they had sex in the projectionist room. We also see Maya back at the local gym that she joined, where she has much less luck in trying to flirt with her handsome trainer, D (Clayton Cannon).

Cassia, who was somewhat under-utilized in the opening episode gets more screentime here, as her and her boss Andre (Adrian Quinonez) struggle to run things during a particularly busy night as the restaurant, and they relax together after work which leads to sex in the empty restaurant.

Eventually we get back to the main story, where Sophie returns to Belle’s and the two sisters have a heart to heart (which thankfully for the audience takes place in sauna, where they’re both naked) and make up, and Sophie prepares for her first day at work at her new job, a hedge fund. At the job there is immediate sexual tension between her and her new boss, Avi (Daniel Messier). . .

So there we are, with a decent follow-up to the opening episode. We’re given more insight into personalities of the lead characters, and where their storylines will be headed, with enough left open to keep us interested. There are some good character moments, especially between Vandeven and LeGualt, which showcases the friendship between the 4 women (which will become more and more important as the season continues), and three hot sex scenes. What more could you ask for? I’d also not that Brandin Rackley makes her first appearance on this show, she plays Regina, although she’s not named in this episode, a secretary at the hedge fund. She just has a very small part in this episode, but I want to mention her because her role will increase as the show continues (she even goes from recurring to major character in season 2).

Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

Life on Top Season 1 and 2 DVD

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