LIFE ON TOP episode 11: Growing Pains

Mia Presley

Written by Joey Savage (based on the book by Clara Darling) and directed by James Michaels, this episode picks up right after the previous one, with the aftermath of Bella’s (Heather Vandeven) surprise birthday party. Everyone’s leaving, including Sophie (Mary LeGault) and Bella’s parents (Manuela Ciucur and Mircea Stoian) who are hungover, indicating a wild night, and Bella catches Regina (Brandin Rackley) and Vincent (Danny Crawford) having sex in her room. They both act embarrassed and leave.

Bella decides to relax in a bubble bath and one by one, Cassia (Mia Presley), Maya (Krista Ayne) and then Sophie get naked and join her. Bella’s still a bit down about getting older (turning the ripe old age of 28), and compares this birthday to last year when she was celebrating with a wild sex party on some millionaire’s yacht.

Sophie meets Avi (Daniel Messier) in a restaurant where she tells him to his astonishment that she’s rejecting his very generous offer ($100k a year) to come back to work for him. Then she goes to tell Tai, who’s happy to hear that, and they have sex.

We see Krista at the gym, talking to D (Clayton Cannon), and she tells him that she’s ready for a kickboxing rematch with her opponent from episode 7. D reluctantly agrees if she gives him one more week to train her.

Bella goes to a hotel where she meets The Parkers (Angela Nicholas and Colin Lawrence) for a birthday threesome. Bella strips down to her bra and panties but as the Parkers get on the bed and start making out, she doesn’t seem enthusiastic enough to join them. Instead she watches as they have sex, and when it’s over she lets them know how much she’s enjoyed her previous encounters with them (which we saw in episode 2 and episode 8), but that it’s time for this arrangement to come to an end, which they both accept gracefully. But when they ask her if there’s anything they can do for her, she does have one request.

Since episode 5, Cassia has been planning to open her own restaurant. In this episode we see her going to a bank for a loan, but she’s denied for lack of capital. Bella visits her and reveals that the Parkers are wealthy and have agreed to invest and become silent partners in her restaurant, so now her dream can come true! Cassia wants to thank her with a little nookie, but Bella tells her she wants to put an end to their Friends With Benefits arrangement, and just stick with being friends. Cassia excepts, but is a little sad, but right as Bella leaves, Cecile (Karen Fiji), the hostess she works with stops by, and the two of them have hot lesbian sex again like they did in episode 6.

Another very good episode, as you can feel the various subplots moving forward to their resolutions, and some hot sex scenes. The scene with Angela Nicholas is the best, I’ll note that she has long brown hair in her appearances on the series, which is a bit of a different look for her, rather than her usual short blond hair, and I love it. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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  1. Just want to add That her not wanting to have threesomes or be friends with benefits with cassia makes no sense, as you will see because she’s still incredibly promiscuous and even has lesbian encounters in the 2nd season lol

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    • I’ll be getting to season 2 after I finish season 1. I’ve seen it, but it was a long time ago, so I’ll be rewatching it as I review it. From what I remember I also noticed at the time that it didn’t feel like a natural follow-up to the first season. It almost felt like a whole new series, especially since they lost Sophie, Maya, and Cassia.

      I know there was a sequel to the book Season 1 was based on, but that wasn’t adapted for season 2, they just made up new stories.


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