LIFE ON TOP episode 12: All In

Krista Ayne

Written by Jess Roman, based on the novel by Clara Darling, and directed by Kenny Golde, in this episode Maya (Krista Ayne) is getting ready for her upcoming kickboxing rematch. She and D (Clayton Cannon) spar in a boxing ring, and then have sex in it.

Sophie (Mary LeGault) goes to another poker club and wins big, Tai (Tim Fellingham) wants her to move to Vegas with him, so they both can become professional gamblers. She’s hesitant about such a big change and takes an interview with a non-profit organization that offers her a job, but she asks for a few days to think about it. She and Tai have hot sex at her place.

Andre (Adrian Quinonez) has found out about Cassia’s (Mia Presley) plan to leave and start her own restaurant, but he offers her a contract to become his “executive chef” at a 50% salary increase which will also put her name on the menus if she stays. She talks about it with Sophie, who encourages her to follow through with her plan to become her own boss, but now Cassia is filled with doubt and wonders if it would be better to take Andre’s offer and stay with him.

Tom (Gunner Wright) takes Bella (Heather Vandeven) out on a romantic date, which leads back to her place for hot sex, and he makes her breakfast in bed the next morning, indicating that he’s ready for something more serious than their previous casual flings.

In the end, all four ladies, plus Regina (Brandin Rackley), go to a fortune teller, who gives them all legit advice.

A rather simple episode, being the 2nd-to-last one of the season it felt kind of like filler. Like the novel was stretched out to fill 13 episodes when maybe it could have just been 12. And only 3 sex scenes this time instead of 4, but at least the 4 that we did get were hot.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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