LIFE ON TOP episode 13: Happy Endings

Written by Charles Kline and directed by Amanda Goodwin, this is the 13th and final episode of what would turn out to be the first season of Life On Top, the softcore TV series inspired by Clara Darling’s novel of the same name.

Our main characters Sophie (Mary LeGault), Bella (Heather Vandeven), Maya (Krista Ayne) and Cassia (Presley) all have major crossroads to face in their personal or professional lives. Sophie must decide if she’s going to make the choice of moving to Vegas with Tai (Tim Fellingham) or staying in NY and taking a job at a non-profit organization. Bella is deciding if it’s time to focus on a new career, possibly as a photographer, instead of continuing to model, she also tones down her hedonistic lifestyle. Maya is facing her big kickboxing rematch. And Cassie has to decide whether to pursue her dream of opening her own restaurant.

Well, I don’t really want to spoil how things turn out, if you’ve been reading my reviews of this series and hadn’t seen it yet, hopefully, by now you’ve made the decision to check it out, so I’ll let you watch for yourself.

But the title of this episode is “Happy Endings” so you can probably guess how most of the storylines go…

I wouldn’t say that this particular episode is one of the better ones. It’s slow in some parts and we only get 3 sex scenes instead of the usual 4. Those scenes are Sophie and Tai, Bella and Tom (Gunner Wright) and Cassia and Andre (Adrian Quinonez). Maya and D have a brief scene where they’re in a shower together but it cuts away before they actually have sex.

Regina (Brandin Rackley) appears in this episode but doesn’t have much of an impact, but we do get to see her naked, along with the main cast, as they take a sauna together in the opening scene. In recent episodes Regina had been questioning whether her wild sexual lifestyle was as fulfilling as she claims it is, or if she’s just acting out of loneliness, but that’s not addressed here. Rick Samson also returns as Sophie’s college boyfriend Josh, whom she dumped in the first episode.

But overall this was a good season. Life On Top is one of the better softcore shows of the 2010’s. Unlike the majority of softcore fare of the 1990’s and early 2000’s that would feature standalone episodes, this was one of the first, if not THE first, to be based on continuing storylines throughout the season. It was basically a soap opera. And it helped by having a great cast, the lead actresses all worked well together. Heather Vandeven, in particular, really improved as an actress over the course of this season. Life On Top was a highly enjoyable erotic adventure. Chacebook rating; FIVE STARS

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