Strict Ladies and Naughty Boys vol. 2 by Rollin Hand


Today I’m reviewing another collection of short stories featuring older women spanking and dominating younger men from erotica author Rollin Hand. This volume contains five stories.

This is the story of Troy and Darla, coworkers at an insurance firm. Troy just recently started working there, and Darla has been showing him the ropes, and the two have become friends. Darla is 35 year old widower, a voluptuous redhead with an 11 year old son and 13 year old daughter. Troy is 26 and is described as shy, and the age-difference is one of the reasons Troy has never come on to Darla despite his attraction to her, figuring that she wouldn’t be interested in a younger less-experienced man like himself. One day the subject of spanking comes up, and Darla reveals that she regularly spanks her children whenever they’re bad. Troy has never been spanked, and finds the subject fascinating. When Troy needs to find a new place to stay, Darla agrees to let him stay in her guest-bedroom until he finds a place. So he moves in and gets along well with Darla and her kids. But when Darla’s daughter Janie gets in trouble at school, Darla spanks her. Troy is downstairs playing cards with Darla’s son Tim at the time, but he can’t help but hear the spanking going on. That night Troy masturbates in bed while imagining Darla spanking him.
Then one day Troy and Tim are playing with a soccer ball indoors, Tim kicks it and ends up breaking a lamp. When Darla gets home she’s mad at them both, and sends Tim up to his room to get ready to be spanked. Troy attempts to intervene on Tim’s behalf, since he was the adult and supposed to be watching the kids, he offers to take Tim’s punishment himself. So the next day, which is a Saturday, Darla sends the kids outside to play so she and Troy can be alone in the house. She sends Troy upstairs to his room, telling him to strip to his underwear and t-shirt and wait for her. She gets out a large wooden panel and joins him. She sits on the bed and has him lay across her lap (she’s wearing shorts), and pulls down his underwear, exposing his bare ass, while also guiding his now-erect cock in between her thighs. First she spanks him for a long time with her bare hand until her hand is numb. She makes him get up and stand facing a corner for a few minutes, not allowing him to rub his sore ass. Then she grabs the paddle and has Troy lay across her lap again, to not give him 26 whacks with the paddle as his final punishment. When it’s over Troy is crying and rubbing his ass in pain.

Darla notices that the whole ordeal has made her pussy soaking wet, so she takes her shorts and panties off and makes Troy get on his knees and eat her out. After she cums on his face, then has him stand again, and she grabs his cock and jacks him off until he cums on her legs, which she promises to punish him for later. But for now she lays back and pulls him on top of her to fuck her missionary, before changing positions to doggystyle. It’s implied that Darla and Troy will be staying together after that, with spankings remaining a part of their lovemaking routine. This is a good story to start off this volume with, although I could have done without the description of the daughter being spanked.

This is an interesting premise. Jake Eliot is 15 year old American boy, the son of America’s Ambassador to Europe, currently attention a strict boys boarding school in Europe. One day he gets in trouble for breaking curfew, but only because he was trying to defend his best friend who had been pranked by a couple of bullies at school. Nevertheless, he gets caught, and is brought before a woman named Kate Thornbush, who is temporarily standing in for the headmaster of the school, a fearsome man named Dr. Taggart, who is away on business that weekend. Kate however knows the truth about what happened, and is impressed with Jake’s resolve to stand up for his friend, and therefor decides to give him the standard punishment herself, rather than make Jake wait for Taggart to return. The punishment is 12 straps with a cane. The boy is made to drop his pants and underwear and bend over a chair as Miss Thornbush straps him.

The story then jumps forward 18 years later, Jake has now had a successful career in politics and is now the Ambassador to Europe himself, and at a state function he runs into Kate again, and they catch up on what’s happened in the intervening years. A decent story.

The main character here is a man named Paul, no age is given. We follow his first time entering this “Tanning Salon” which provides “spanking therapy.” Not knowing exactly what to expect, but having been fascinating with the idea of spanking ever since he was a teenager and was able to watch through the window as the sexy teenage girl who lived next door to him got spanked (in her bra and panties) by her mother, Paul goes in and discovers that this is a place where men and women can go to voluntarily be spanked by various members of the all-female staff. This often takes place unders various role-playing scenarios, complete with costumes, at the customers requests. Paul signs up under a fake name to try it out, and is given the chance to first observe as a regular customer, a woman named Pam, has a spanking session, so he can see what to expect. So Paul watches as Pam, changing into a pink nightie, is spanked with a paddle by a woman named Catherine, first with a paddle. Then Pam is made to take the nightie off and be spanked nude with a whip. And then it’s Paul’s turn, as a new employee named Debby, being trained by Catherine, is made to spank him. He’s made to lay across Debby’s lap, first with his underwear on, as she spanks him with her hand. Then she pulls his underwear down and spanks his bare ass, until he has “the most powerful orgasm Paul had ever felt.” Paul leaves the salon very satisfied, with the promise of returning.

Paul’s spanking in the end was good, but too much time spent on Catherine’s spankings. As I’ve stressed before, authors of stories like this should stick to one kink, if you’re writing a femdom story, stick women dominating men.

This story is narrated by an unnamed man. Presumably in the modern day, this adult man is telling a doctor, a therapist, about this incident that happen in 1974, when he was a teenager. He lived in a “small rural town,” and that summer he and his friends Ben and Bobby discovered that three female professional wrestlers had rented a house for that summer. One day the boys decided to ride out to the home on their bikes to try to sneak a peak at the ladies. The women are all described as tall, muscular, but attractive women all with large breasts. The boys sneak and peak over a fence to catch the women lounging around the pool in the back in their bikinis. That’s thrilling enough for the boys, but then the women take their bikinis off, it’s the first time any of them have seen real naked women, and one of them is so shocked he makes a noise which alerts the women to the boys’ prescenes. They boys are caught by the women and brought inside, and agree to let the women punish them in exchange for not calling the police or their parents. The ladies make the boys strip and then they each take turns putting each boy over her lap and spanking them. After each boy is spanked by each woman, they’re let go. Back in the present, there’s a little twist ending that shows what a lifelong effect that day had on the boys.

The story beings with a woman named Amanda showing up to a house to babysit some kids while the parents are out. We’re not told how old Amanda is, just that she’s a college graduate, and that she has been regularly babysitting these two children for “years.” There’s 11 year old Melinda, who we are are told is out at a movie when Amanda arrives but due to return home later. The other child, who is home, is Eric, and his age is also not given just that he is a teenager in high school. It’s clear that Eric has had a bit of a crush on Amanda, as we’re told that while he regularly gets into trouble with his parents, he’s always well-behaved when Amanda (who is described as a statuesque brunette with big breasts and a hourglass figure) is around. The parents are leaving when Amanda shows up, and they leave her a list of things to do while they’re gone, and Amanda is surprised that the last item of the list is to spank Eric “long and hard,” something she’s never done before.

Amanda talks to Eric about it, saying she doesn’t want to do it, but Eric actually insists, saying that if she doesn’t then his mother will, and she’ll be even worse. So Amanda agrees. She makes Eric pull down his pants and underwear, and is surprised to see that he has an erection (and that his penise is the size of “a full grown man”). But she makes him lay across her lap (she’s wearing shorts, so his cock touches her bare thighs). She spanks him for 3 minutes with her bare hand, and just as she delivers the final blow, Eric cums all over her thighs. And there’s also a twist ending to this story. If you’re a guy who ever had a crush on one of your babysitter’s when you were a kid, you’re going to love this stor

Shorter stories than the previous volume, and too many examples of women getting spanked, instead of men, which is supposed to be the premise of this volume. There’s good stuff in here, but it’s not one of Rollin Hand’s bests, in my opinion. Chacebook rating: 3 STARS



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