Carnal Candidate Political Kink


This movie is basically a compilation of sex scenes. In 2012 MRG Entertainment/Mainline Releasing took 14 sex scenes from 5 of their earlier movies (all 5 or 6 years old at the time), then hired a small cast to act out a new story in which those sex scenes could be inserted into the film to pad it out into a new movie. No writer is even listed for this movie, although Robert Blossom is credited as the director. The cast is made up of Syren who plays Melanie Cullen and Ryan Michael Oman who plays Charlie Green. Together they run a political consulting firm, apparently specializing in finding dirt on politicians and political candidates in order to use as leverage against them. Erika Jordan (back when she had red hair) also stars as Karen, who works for Melanie and Charlie. In fact, she appears to be the only actual employee they have, although her exact duties are not clear (secretary/legal assistant/public notary). And rounding out the cast is the 4th and final actor,  Danny Mountain, who plays a wealthy businessman named Dane Michaels. He wants to hire the firm to help him with some problems he’s been having with a local city councilman. Melanie and Charlie have to decide if they want to take him on as a client, and then if so how they will handle the councilman.

That’s it, that is the basic premise of the movie. The majority of the film, which runs for about an hour and 19 minutes, is Melanie, Charlie, and Karen talking to Dane and telling him about previous cases that they’ve worked on. That’s where the recycled sex scenes come in, in the form of flashbacks usually describing how they were able to find out various politicians’ sexual secrets and use it to blackmail them or get them out of office. We also learn that Melanie and Charlie are in a relationship, although apparently they’re not very public about that, I guess for business purposes. And Karen and Dane have been sleeping together for the past week, after recently meeting, and it was Karen’s idea to introduce Dane to Melanie and Charlie, although she doesn’t want them to know about the affair, of course. However, as the day progresses, Charlie starts to get suspicious of Dane’s motives, but Melanie just dismisses his concerns as jealousy. Then while Charlie steps out, Dane invites Melanie back to his hotel room for lunch. Back at the office Karen confesses her affair with Dane to Charlie and says she also now thinks Dane has ulterior motives for hiring their firm. Is he running a potential blackmail scheme of his own? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT. (no spoilers)

So that’s the original part of the movie, which includes three sex scenes. Erika Jordan and Danny Mountain in a scene that begins in his hotel bathroom and ends in the bedroom. Then one between Syren and Ryan Michael Oman that takes place on the desk in Charlie’s office, and one between Erika Jordan and Ryan Michael Oman, also in Charlie’s office. It’s shot well, but probably took a day or two at most to film all that. But I do have to give them credit for the way they so effortlessly fit in all of the old scenes. With the dialog between the new cast setting up each scene, framing them as flashbacks, it looks organic, as if these were original scenes filmed for this movie. Now let’s discuss the recycled scenes:

From the 2006 movie BUSTY MODELS (written by April White and Edward Gorsuch, directed by Geoff MacTannish), we have a scene between Monique Alexander and Dino Bravo having sex on a couch.

From the 2006 movie FORBIDDEN SECRETS (directed by David Levy, no writer credited on IMDB) we get a scene between Molinee Green and Brad Bartram having sex on a bed.

From the 2006 movie NAKED SECRETS (written by April White and Edward Gorsuch, directed by Copper Headly) we get two scenes, one between Molinee Green and Daniel Anderson having sex on a bed, and one with Frank Mercuri and Lacie Heart.

From the 2007 film EROTIC SEDUCTIONS (directed by David Levy, no writer credited on IMDB) we get 4 scenes. One is Sasha Grey and Tommy Gunn having sex in a restaurant kitchen. The other three scene all feature Tyler Finn as the man, in one scene with Jaylynn Sinns, one with Michelle Maylene, and one with a woman only credited as Tracy.

The remaining 6 scenes are from 2006’s BARE NAKED DESIRES (written by Henry Rhodes and Spencer Tomson, directed by J.W. McHausen). Kaylani Lei appears in one scene with Sean Juergens, another scene with her and Sean in a threesome with Jasmine Byrne, one scene with Jack Lawrence and one scene with Joe Souza (aka Marcus LeLand aka Matt Dalpiaz). Jack Lawrence also has a scene with Nina Mercedez and Joe has a threesome scene with Gianna Lynn and Jasmine Byrne).

Every sex scene in this film is hot. Every single one, the old ones and the three new ones. This is why, unlike when Retromedia recently recycled older scenes in THE LOVE MACHINE, I have no complaints. This is like a greatest hits collection, and 16 sex scenes in one movie is pretty impressive. And like I said, they do craft a decent story around the new scenes.  So that all makes this film worth a Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

Unfortunately, this is film doesn’t appear to be currently available on DVD, some of the films that the scenes come from are (and I’ve included links), but if you REALLY want to see it you will be able to find it online, if you look hard enough.

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  1. Excellent review.

    I remember something similar to this was done in the early 2000s and old recycled sex scenes were used. Three women listened as people called in to tell them about their sexual experiences.

    There was something like three or four lesbian experiences in a row told and they were hot! One had Nikki Fritz and a blond woman in a nice four post bed and the wind was blowing the leaves in the trees outside the window. Great scene!

    But I don’t know the name of the movie. This reminded me of it though.



    • Howdy Chris.

      Yes, this practice of recycling scenes from older movies was done, well I don’t want to say frequently, but it was a regular practice in those early 2000’s. And it wasn’t always a bad thing. I don’t know the movie you describe but, much like this film, it sounds like the old scenes fit in very well, thanks to the plot they came up with. A radio show where people call in to talk about their sexual experience, and they use old scenes as “flashbacks.” That works.

      I recall one, I don’t remember the name, but I think the plot was a newlywed couple were looking to buy a house, so a real estate agent took them to some empty mansion for them to check out. Turns out the house was haunted by a bunch of previous inhabitants, and as the couple and the agent split up and walked around the house, each time they went into a new room they would see the spirits of couples having sex. And that’s what they used the old sex scene for. That was pretty stupid.


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