College Sex Project

Today I’m reviewing this softcore movie that was released in 2008 and directed by Robert Blossom. No writer is credited for this film, which is only a little odd. See, this is another one of those, I guess I’d call them compilation films, where the studio takes a bunch of sex scenes from previous movies and re-uses them, and then they film a few new scenes as a framing device in order to create a “new” film. I’ve reviewed a couple of similar films here before, THE ESCORT 3 and Carnal Candidate Political Kink, the latter of which was also directed by Robert Blossom and had no writer credited.

Well, the framing sequence stars Dena Kollar, Andy San Dimas, and Jack Ketchmark as Hope, Ashley, and Sam. They’re three college students who are working on a thesis together, it’s about whether physical attraction or emotional connection is more important for the success of a long-term relationship. Initially, Ashley and Sam are on the side of physical attraction, while Hope argues that emotional connection is more important. So then they each take turns telling the others about various couples they’ve known and how they got together. And thus the previously-used sex scenes are presented to us as flashbacks, portraying the events that the students are recalling.

I have to say, as far as premises go for this sort of thing, it’s not bad. All you really need is a plausible excuse to have people talk about other people having sex, and there you go.

Alan Stafford joins the cast as Tim, who is temporarily staying in the same studio apartment building that the girls live in, and is where they and Sam are working on the thesis together. During a break, Hope goes up to the roof of the building where Tim is having a beer, and they immediately hook up, which flies in the face of Hope’s belief about emotional connection. Reena Sky has a small role as Tiffany, a girl Sam hooks up with in the beginning of the film. This act is followed by Ashley remarking how she doesn’t understand why so many girls fall for Sam, as he’s apparently a big player. But by the end of the film, she and Sam get together. Oops, I guess I spoiled the ending, but whatever.

So, within the context of this short (about an hour and sixteen minutes) movie, there are a whopping nineteen sex scenes.

First the three new scenes filmed for this movie are the aforementioned scene with Jack Ketchmark and Reena Sky, plus the final scene with Ketchmark and Andy San Dimas, and there’s also the scene with Dena Kollar and Alan Stafford. Of the sixteen previously-used films I’ve been able to identify most of them.

There are three scenes from the film BUSTY MODELS which I’ve seen and reviewed here before. All B/G scenes, Lisa Ann and Jack Lawrence, Dee and Mark Weiler, and August Knight with Sarge Logan.

There are five scenes from the film DANGEROUS PASSIONS, which I have not seen yet. Jezebelle Bond in a solo striptease scene, a lesbian sex scene between Wendy Rice and Nikita Cash. And three B/G scene, Bond and with Danny Pape and Bond with Dick Smothers Jr., Wendy Rice with Randy Spears.

There are three B/G scene from a film that I can’t identify. Danny Pape has a scene with a woman that I don’t recognize, and Billy Chappell has two scene with a woman that I don’t recognize. I mean both women look kind of familiar, but I just can’t place them.

The remaining five scenes come from a film balled BARE NAKED DESIRES, which I also have not seen yet. Mika Tan, Kaylani Lei, and Jasmine Byrne each have sex scenes with men that I don’t recognize. Jasmine also has a lesbian scene with Gianna Lynn, and then they both have a lesbian threesome with Nina Mercedes.

The great thing about films like this is that what they lack in story they make up for in sex scenes. They’re basically like listening to a Greatest Hits album, you know all the songs are good. And all the sex scenes in this film are fantastic. So for that, it’s worth watching. And with the number of scenes you don’t even really have to fast-forward to get to them, there are only a few minutes in between each one, so you might as well watch it for the story too!

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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