Staying On Top

Written by Kristi Russell and directed by John Quinn, this film from Indigo Entertainment was originally released in 2001, and stars Holly Sampson as Katherine, a rising ad-executive. Katherine has just been selected to produce a major new ad campaign for a cosmetics company. Angela Nicholas plays Cindi, Holly’s immediate supervisor, who is jealous and wants to run the campaign herself. So Cindi sets out to steal the assignment from Katherine.

Right there the film has set up a good potential story of corporate intrigue and business rivalry. Both Sampson and Nichols are great actresses, in addition to being beautiful women, and it would be nice to see a whole film with those two going up against each other. But the story takes a lot of unexpected turns that I guess are supposed to be clever but It just seems a bit aimless to me, like they’re just trying to drag the story out to fill an hour and a half runtime.

Cindi convinces Katherine that she’s off the assignment and Cindi is taking it instead. So Katherine gets mad and quits. But the cosmetic company specifically wanted Katherine so Cindi has to pretend that Katherine still works for her, and tries to convince her to come back. But then Katherine decides to form her own ad agency with a friend of hers and compete against Cindi, who then tries to steal Katherine’s ideas.

And, well, that’s the gist of it. I won’t spoil the ending except to say that I found it to be rather predictable. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, it’s just that I believe that it could have been much better. Nevertheless, the film is very well-shot and it’s got a good cast of actors.

Danny Pape plays Katherine’s boyfriend Jake, a photographer who appears to live off of her (in her very large and elegant house, with a pool, that she somehow affords). Of course, he’s revealed to be cheating on her, first with a model whom he’s shooting, and then later it’s revealed that he’s also having an affair with Cindi, in another little plot twist that doesn’t make much sense. Sasha Peralto plays Tai, Cindi’s secretary, who is also hoping to move up in the company. Stephen Argyle plays Drew, the head of the cosmetics company, whom Cindi ends up seducing, and Kieth Wellington is another executive at the company who ends up hooking up with Tai, in another plot that doesn’t seem relevant. And Mia Zottoli is Katherine’s friend Melissa, who convinces her to start her own agency after she quit her job.

Everyone plays their roles very well. And, of course, they’re all very good in acting out the real reason we watch these types of movies: the sex scenes!

There are seven sex scenes altogether. Holly Sampson surprisingly only has one, it’s with Pape. As the titular star of the film, I would have had her in at least one more scene, although she does have a solo shower scene which I guess is supposed to count.

Angela Nicholas has two scenes, one with Pape and one with Argyle.

Sasha Peralto has two scenes, both with Wellington.

Mia Zattoli has a lesbian sex scene with Holly Hollywood, who plays Masseusse that her character hired to give her a massage.

And there’s a scene with Danny Pape and Leila Hashemzadeh, who plays a model that he’s taking photographs of.

For what it’s worth, none of the sex scenes take place in an actual bed. They’re in limo, in a shower, in or near a pool, and one on a couch. They’re all hot stuff, I especially loved the scene between Pape and Hashemzadeh and the second scene Peralto and Wellington. Those are two women I’d have loved to see more of on screen.

So all in all, even if you’re just fast-forwarding to skip ahead to the sex scenes, that makes this film worth watching and recommending. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

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