Web of Seduction

Written and directed by Blain Brown, this 1999 Mystique Films production is basically a gender-flipped erotic twist on the Alfred Hitchcock classic film STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (or THROW MOMMA FROM THE TRAIN, if you’re not quite that old). Two of my favorite softcore actresses from that time period, Tracy Ryan and Lauren Hays, costar as a couple of women who make a pact to kill each other’s husbands, under the belief that it will be easier for each one to get away with killing the other woman’s husband as they have no connection to them, so they won’t be suspects. And they can each make sure they have alibis for their own husband’s murder.

It’s not a terrible plan if you think about it.

If done as a more straight remake, or parody, this could have been a much better story. But, perhaps to avoid a plagiarism lawsuit, Brown makes a bunch of changes that just end up taking the film in some different directions before getting to the main plot. Starting with the fact the women are not strangers, they’re actually close friends.

Lauren Hays plays Simone, the wife of a millionaire named Gerard (Stephan Camus). Tracy Ryan plays Jenni, who is married to a lawyer named Damon (Eric Acsell). As the film begins, Jenni and Damon are living in Simone and Gerard’s guest-house while they wait for their own house to be finished being built. Both women feel sexually neglected by their husbands because Damon is always busy with his job and Gerard is just a little bit older than Simone and not as sociable and into partying as she is. Jenni also suspects Damon might really be cheating when he says he’s working late at the office, although he denies.

Nancy O’Brien stars as Brandy, whom Damon hires to be his and Jenni’s live-in maid. She starts working for them while they’re still in the guest-house, which if you think about it makes no sense, and we don’t see her doing much work. First thing we see her do at the house is bring in a couple of bags of groceries that she went shopping for, then she goes out to long around the pool in her bikini. Then suddenly Stan (Michael George) shows up, whom Brandy introduces as her ex-boyfriend that she’s “still tight buds” with and she takes the afternoon off to go for a ride with him.

Eventually, via reasons I won’t spoil, the women come to the agreement about killing their husbands, with Simone planning to kill Damon first and then it will be Jenni’s turn to kill Gerard.

Do both women go through with it and, if so, do they get away with it? Watch the film to find out!

Again, Tracy and Lauren were two of the best in the business, not only could both of them actually act in dramatic scenes, they always knew how to make their sex scenes look as real as possible, and this film is no exception. Nancy O’Brien, while not as convincing a dramatic actress, was nevertheless no slouch when it came to sex scenes either. And all three women get their time to shine in this film.

Each of them has solo nude masturbation scenes.
Tracy Ryan has one on one sex scenes with Eric Acsell, Stephan Camus, and a lesbian scene with Nancy O’Brien.
Lauren Hays has one on one sex scenes with Eric Acsell and Michael George. And there’s a scene with her, Goerge and O’Brien together, but it’s not really a “threeway,” as all three are never together at once. First it’s Hays and George while O’Brien watches, then the two ladies get together while George watches, and then it ends with O’Brien and George together while Hays watches.
And Nancy O’Brien and Eric Acsell have a one on one scene.

The story flaws keep this from being a classic, but the sexy cast and hot sex scenes make this film worth repeated viewings. Chacebook rating; FOUR STARS

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  1. Thanks for the review Chacebook but can I correct you as Lauren Hays has no sex scene with Stephen Camus as if I remember rightly Stephan Camus only has one sex scene and it is with Tracy Ryan near the end of the film and it is a sex scene on a couch and when i saw the scene near the end of it I thought he was having a heart attack. I remember he was on medication. The short description I just gave might help you remember.


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