We’re going back to 2003, which is when this film written by Leland Zaitz and directed by Conrad Monroe was released by MRG Entertainment. Like most MRG titles, they’ve assembled an impressive cast, a mix of softcore and hardcore talent, and it’s shot very well. The problem I have with this film is that it’s one of those softcore films were sex just happens at the slightest provocation. Yeah, I know we mostly watch softcore films for the sex scenes, but I do appreciate it when they happen organically as a result of the story. If I just want to watch sex scenes, that’s what gonzo hardcore porn is for.

Frank Harper stars as Andy Baxter, a Junior Executive at a company called Price Industries (although a sign in the office says Price Technologies). He’s in a relationship Ellen Price, the boss’ daughter, who is played by the incomparable Mandy Fisher. One day Andy is called into a meeting where it is announced that the company is beginning a hostile takeover of a lingerie company called Marilyn’s Closet (get it? Like Victoria’s Secret?). The boss, Mr. Price (Jacques Freydont), charges Andy with a secret assignment, he wants him to basically go undercover and get to know Marilyn, the CEO of the lingerie company, to find out what he plans to block the takeover are. He even implies that Andy should be open to seducing her, and this is despite knowing that his daughter is dating Andy.

The film opens with Andy and Ellen having sex before he goes to work, and they seem to be happy as it’s made clear that Ellen is a highly sexual woman who wants it all the time and is done for anything. Nevertheless despite that, and the fact that she’s his daughter’s boss, Andy is surprisingly easily tempted into sex with other women. As Andy is going home that first night, he sees a woman named Rita (Angela Nicholas) stranded as her car as broken down. He offers to give her a ride home, and then she asks him if he can come in and take a look at the broken nozzles in her jacuzzi, which he just so happens to be adept at fixing. While he’s doing that she comes into the bathroom in just her towel and then begins to take a shower right in front of Andy and then pulls him in for sex, which he immediately gives into. Afterward, Andy leaves, expecting this to have just been a one-time thing, but Angela begins following him and calling him all the time, wanting to see him again.

So there’s your duel-plots, Andy trying to get close to Marilyn (played by Brooke Hunter), while trying to keep Angela from messing up his life. But don’t feel too sorry for Ellen while this is going on, it turns out she’s having an affair with “Chuck,” (Massimo Avidano) who happens to be her therapist. He’s the one who recommended to her that she have as much sex as possible for her emotional well-being, and since Andy isn’t around every single time she wants it, he steps in.

After a rocky first meeting Andy, pretending to be someone else, strikes up a conversation with Marilyn in a restaurant and rather quickly convinces her to sneak off and have sex with him in a private area of the restaurant. A misunderstanding also leads to Andy being seduced by Mr. Price’s wife, Ellen’s stepmother, who is played by T.J. Hart.

Like I said, the sex flows freely, regardless of anyone’s relationship status, which makes the story hard to believe. A few tweaks and I believe it could have been better. There’s also a “twist ending” that is supposed to be clever, but really just feels like a last-minute attempt to give the film a happy ending.

All that being said, the film is saved by two factors. First is the cast. They’re all very good, even the hardcore performers, and do the best they can with the martial they’re given. And second is the sex scenes, there are nine altogether in this film, and they’re all hot.

As the star, Frank Harper is in the majority of the scenes. He has one with Mandy Fisher, one with T.J. Hart, two with Angela Nicholas, and three with Brooke Hunter.
Mandy Fisher and Massimo Avidano have two scenes together.
And there is a lesbian sex scene between Anna Marie Rios, who plays Andy’s secretary, and a woman credited only as “Simone.”

With a better story, this could have been a perfect five, but I enjoy skipping to the sex scenes enough to give this a Chacebook rating of FOURS STARS

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