Written by David Ciesielsky and directed by Dante Giove, this film stars Belinda Gavin (aka Kylie Wyote) and a man credited here as Todd White, whom I recognize from the episodes of Thrills titled “Sex and Sweat” and the episode of The Best Sex Ever titled “Nice & Easy” where he was credited as Chris Prince. The play police detectives Susan and Tucker, they’re partners, initially working in Vice. The opening scene has them monitoring a hooker named April (played by Maya Divine aka Wendy Divine) as she has sex in a hotel room with man played by Eric Masterson. After the sex is over and he pays her, Susan and Tucker bust into the room and arrest him.

I’m pretty sure in real life sting operations like this the cops don’t wait for the sex to take place, they just need the exchange of money, which usually happens upfront, but nevermind.

Anyway, Susan and Tucker are now newly appointed to the Internet Sex Crimes Division. Keep in mind, this film was made sometime back in the early 2000’s (IMDB only shows the year it was released in Japan, which is 2005, yet there’s a customer review from December 2003, and the technology in the film is pretty backwards by todays standards, it’s old full desktop PC’s, no flatscreens, no laptops, no smartphones, and they’re still using video tapes to record things), back when “the internet” was still an exotic plot-device for movies, because neither the filmmakers nor the audience really understood exactly how it worked. So Susan and Tucker are the only cops in this “division”, which Susan thinks is a waste of time, but Tucker assures her that the internet will provide many opportunities for people to commit crimes, so they have to be ready for that. And sure enough, they soon get their first case.

It seems there is a website operating in the city, it’s a voyeur site. There is a large mansion where several attractive young women are paid to live in the house, and have their every move recorded by video cameras which are set up in every room and then broadcast online on the website, which customers pay to subscribe to so they can watch the ladies. And what they pay to watch is the women having sex, getting dressed and undressed, and taking showers. Keri Windsor plays Kendra, one of the women at the house. We see her bring back a guy named Terry (Brett Ryan) to the house and take him up to her bedroom, where they are quickly joined by another girl named Olivia (Isabella Gray) for a hot threesome. But when it’s over the girls point out the hidden camera in the room which recorded the whole thing. Terry didn’t know about that beforehand, and is now worried that everyone, including his wife, will find out about it and his life will be ruined. He gets angry, shouts at the girls that they won’t get away with this and storms out. Later we see Kendra taking a shower when someone stabs her to death.

So, yes, this film is based on the premise that despite the fact that this house is set with hidden video cameras all around it and there are a dozen women living in it, someone was still able to sneak in, kill someone, and sneak out without being seen. The killer also left a threatening message written in lipstick on the mirror in Kendra’s bathroom that said “She was the first, but now I have a taste for it” This is where Susan and Tucker come in. They interview the women (most of whom remain nameless and unimportant) and eventually it’s decided that Susan will go undercover by moving into the house to live with the women, while Tuckers monitors her activity via the website.

Yes, that’s the right, the house stays open and the website stays online while this murder investigation continues.

It’s also revealed that Susan and Tucker are having a relationship which they must keep secret because they work together, and that is frowned upon. This investigation tests their relationship, as Susan is surround by all the sexual activity going on in the house, while Tucker finds himself getting tempted by Kelli, the gorgeous woman played by Tamara Landry who owns the house and the website. Kelli comes on to Tucker but he tries to resist not only because of his relationship with Susan but because Kelli is a prime suspect in the murder, as she has all access to the house and the cameras, plus the publicity surrounding Kendra’s murder actually brings more subscribers to the website, which was going broke before but is not turning a profit.

Okay, no spoilers for the ending or who done it. I’ll just say that you’ll probably be able to figure it out yourself before the film is over. But in the meantime we get several smokin’ hot sex scenes. In addition to the two that I already mentioned, there are two scenes with Gavin and White. There’s also a scene between White and Landry (of course Tucker can’t resist her for long) and another with Landry and Jonathan Gray, who plays her assistant Trent. Isabella Gray has two more scenes, both with Nick Manning, who plays her boyfriend Brian. Gavin also has a solo scene where she performs an erotic striptease for the video cameras while she’s living in the house.

Overall, a good film. The plot has some holes, but it’s well-acted and has an attractive cast with some really hot sex scenes. So this film gets a high recommendation from me. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS


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