Love and Capes #4

Mark is pretty worked up that the Arachnerd is getting a movie while the Crusader (his superhero persona) gets little attention. Abby tries to get his mind off it by taking a trip to a picnic with her family. Mark finally decides to extend a gracious hand to Arachnerd and Abby plans a big surprise for Mark… with a little help from the Liberty League.

A lot of different storylines in this issue. The new big budget film based on the superhero Arachnerd (obvious Spider-Man analog) debuts and is a huge blockbuster, which bothers Mark, who is a bit jealous that Arachnerd is more popular than the Crusader. The fact that his good friend and teammate Paul/Darkblade owns the movie studio that made and released the movie. Then Mark, Abby, and Charlotte drive out to the country to spend the weekend with Abby and Charlotte’s family, including their brother Quincy, and athlete who’s a bit of a showoff, further making Mark feel inadequate. And when they return home, he discovers that the Liberty League have voted to offer Arachnerd membership on the team, and want The Crusader to be the one to contact and invite him.

Meanwhile Abby gets bitten by the acting bug, and decides to audition for a role in a local play. Mark offers to help her practice and flies her up to the Liberty League satellite where they have a holographic room to recreate a stage for her to act on. Amazonia stops by and we get some cattiness between the two ladies, as usual, while Amazonia almost saps all of Abby’s confidence. But with Mark’s encouragement Abby goes ahead and tries out for the role, and in her gratitude she does something that cheers up Mark.

It’s hard to not say much about this series without spoiling everything, but it’s just a really fun title, with likable characters, well-written and well-drawn. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

available on comixology

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