My Aunt, My Tutor by Jack Crawford

I don’t think this counts as a full novel, but it’s not a “short story” either. It’s 103 pages, I haven’t counted the words so I don’t know if it officially qualifies as a novella, either. But whatever you call, it’s the story of Jon Lawson, a 20 year old man who has just begun his first year of college. We learn that Jon was just an average student in high school, and got into college largely thanks to the influence of his Aunt Kate, who is a professor of psychology at the college he is attending in New England, and whose house Jon has moved into to live with her while he attends college. However, Jon quickly discovers that in exchange for free room and board, his aunt expects him to keep his grades up, and when he begins to slack off in certain classes, she has a strange way of “tutoring” him: she spanks him. And that’s the premise of this book, it takes place over the course of Jon’s first semester, presumably beginning around September and ending just as the college closes for Christmas break, and during that time Kate spanks Jon seven times, and each time is described in explicit detail.

Jon is made to pull is pants and underwear down to his ankles and (usually) bend over Kate’s lap (as she sits in her “spanking chair”) while she spanks him. First she uses her bare hand, then progresses with each spanking session, using a hairbrush, a ruler, a belt, a strap, and a cane. First she’d spank him and then make him stand in the corner, with his pants and underwear still down, for a while. Later she’d spank him with one item, make him stand in the corner to “rest” and then spank him again with another item. Although Jon hates each sessions, as it’s always painful, he always has an involuntary erection when he pulls down his pants. Kate notices and chastises him for it, making it a point to remind Jon that as his biological aunt it’s improper for him to have any sexual thoughts around her. Although it’s noted that Jon had a crush on Kate when he was a young boy and notices that she’s “beautiful and athletically built” he doesn’t appear to harbor any active sexual thoughts about her now (this isn’t an incest book).

Frankly that’a bit of a shame, I feel like it could have been better if there was some sexual contact between the two, perhaps if the author had made Kate Jon’s aunt just by marriage instead, then that could have been added to the story and would have enhanced it.

Speaking of marriage, we learn during that story that Kate was married before, and she used to spank her ex-husband, which is how she got a taste for the activity, and it was something that she missed doing. So she invited Jon to move in with her to attend college specifically so she could arrange to spank him, knowing that he would have no choice but to obey her under the circumstances. It’s described how she gets en endorphin rush from spanking men, how she loves the feel of it, and the site of a man’s buttcheeks turning from pink to red as she spanks him.

Most of the spankings take place in Kate’s living room, although in one she brings him to her office where they sort of role-play with her as the professor and he is her student whom she caught plagiarizing a report. That time she makes him lean over her desk as she spanks him.

During the week of Thanksgiving, Jon’s mother comes to visit. During this time Kate happens to catch Jon as she sees that he’s been spying on the sexy female neighbor who lives next door. From his bedroom window, he can see into her bathroom window at night when she undresses to take a shower. Kate goes next door and tells the woman, Sophia, what happened and invites her over to see Jon get punished. Sophia and Jon’s mom sit and watch as Kate spanks him. And Kate gets Jon to promise he won’t spy on Sophia anymore. However, it turns out that Sophia was turned on by Jon watching her and so over the next few weeks she intentionally strips in front of her bathroom window, tempting him to watch. When Kate finds this out, she goes next door and spanks Sophie to punish her. Jon doesn’t get to see it, but he can hear Sophia being spanked from next door. That seemed like a weird story detail to add, I think it could have been better if Sophia got to actively spank Jon as well. There was also an earlier scene where a young woman who is also a student at the college comes by to deliver a pizza that Kate ordered, and when she gets there she sees Jon standing in the corner with his pants down, as it’s after Jon had just been spanked. I thought the author was going to have her get involved in the action, but she’s never seen again. That felt like another missed opportunity.

The story ends with Jon getting one last spanking, due to his mid-semester grades, just before he and Kate drive to go stay with his mom for the Christmas break, with Jon vowing to try to do better next year to avoid further spankings.

I think fans of femdom spanking stories and CFNM will enjoy this book, as Jack Crawford’s descriptions of each spanking session are quite vivid. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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