Strict Ladies and Naughty Boys vol. 3 by Rollin Hand


Today I’m reviewing the third edition of this anthology series from ROLLIN HAND. Unlike Volume 1 and Volume 2, which contained several short stories each, this volume has just two stories, a bit longer, referred to as novelettes.

This story is about Jeff, a high school senior who goes to a Christian High School and comes from a strict Christian family. He’s always been a good kid and student, but in his urge to get in good with the “cool” kids at his school, he photoshopped a picture of a nerdy girl at school named Margaret, putting her face on a nude pornstar’s body, and passed it around. But when his homeroom teacher Ms. Strickland found the picture, she insists on Jeff being punished. This school still practices corporal punishment, and that’s what Jeff gets in lieu of suspension. He is taken to a private room by Ms. Strickland, with the school nurse along for a witness, and is made to bend over and pull his pants and underwear down, as Ms. Strickland swats his bare behind 12 times, with Jeff required to count the number and say thank you after each swat. But this is not the end of Jeff’s punishment. It’s just the beginning.

Next, after hearing about the incident and his punishment, Jeff finds himself facing an even longer spanking session (40 swats on his bare behind) from his sexy Aunt Joyce, who is watching him while his parents are out of the country doing Missionary work. This is the first time where Jeff finds the experience of being spanked to be slightly arousing (but only afterward, when he’s remembering it). Then one weekend afternoon he is instructed to go to Margaret’s house to give her a handwritten letter of apology. When Jeff arrives, Margaret tells him that her parents are out, and invites him in. But he is surprised to find that three of Margaret’s friends, and fellow teammates on the school’s girl’s soccer team, are there, and they jump him by surprise and manage to strip him down to his underwear and tie his hands behind his back and his legs together. The girls then take their turns spanking Jeff. He’s put over the lap of each of the girls, with his underwear pulled down, so they can spank his bare ass. Each one just uses her hand and spanks him. Despite the pain, after the first spanking, Jeff gets an erection, which is exposed to all the girls when he’s forced to get up. The three friends each spank Jeff 18 times, and then it’s Margaret’s turn, and she spanks him way more than 18 times, although the book doesn’t say exactly how many. Through it all, despite the pain, and Jeff is crying heavily, he still maintains a stiff erection. Margaret has her friends leave, and when she unties Jeff’s hands and legs, she then strips naked and gets down on all fours and orders Jeff to fuck her from behind which he willingly does until they have mutual orgasms.

From this point on, Jeff and Margaret were in a relationship, acting as a normal teenage boyfriend and girlfriend in public, but in private this was a femdom relationship, with Margaret completely in charge, as Jeff willingly submitted to all of her commands. On their next “date” they go out to a secluded lake in the woods, where Margaret again spanks Jeff, ostensibly as punishment for not keeping his grades up, and then again initiates sex afterward. This time she lays down on a blanket and has Jeff get on top of her. And with a switch in her hand, she even spanks his ass a few times as he’s fucking her. Then they get into the water to cool off and then get back on the blanket where she makes Jeff eat her out, as she teaches him exactly how she likes it.

Then in an epilogue, one night while Jeff was supposed to be out of the house on a date with Margaret, he had to hurry back home because he’d forgotten his wallet. He sneaks in this house, and it turns out that Aunt Joyce had a group of women over, they were all members of some “sorority” and were putting Joyce through some initiation rites to become a member. That included being spanked with a paddle. Watching this excites Jeff, but then Margaret shows up looking for Jeff, and he’s revealed to everyone there. Mad at him for being a “peeping Tom” Margaret, at the urging of Joyce and the other women, then punishes Jeff with a bare bottom spanking in front of all of the women. The ladies all enjoy the show, and afterward Margaret takes Jeff out, and it’s implied that their relationship will go on in this vein for many more years.

A rather good story of a young man’s introduction into the femdom lifestyle. There are a couple of times that the story veers off into some unnecessary subplots, but when it’s focused on Jeff and Margaret (who the story confusingly switches back and forth from referring to her as Meg), that’s when it’s at it’s best.


This is another story of a young man’s exposure to a life of submission to a woman. In begins in the present day, where Will is standing naked in his bedroom, having just been spanked by his wife Stacey, who is 8 years older than him. She went downstairs to take a phone call and as Will waits for her to return to continue spanking him, he flashes back to how his relationship with Stacy began.

When Will was a teenager, Stacy lived next door to him, and he had a crush on her, often masturbating as he watched her from his bedroom window laying out in a bikini in her backyard. One summer while his parents went away on a three-month vacation to Europe, they hired Stacy, who was a college senior at the time to move in and watch Will and his older sister Betsy. While generally well-behaved, Will and Betsy get into trouble one day when, along with two of Will’s friends, they spay paint some graffiti on the house of a mean old lady who lives in the neighborhood. But the boys get caught on a security camera, and in order to punish him (and keep the lady from calling the cops on him), Stacey agrees to spank him. Betsy wasn’t caught but ends up feeling guilty and confesses and she gets spanked too.

Later Betsy has some of her friends over for a slumber party, and they sneak a couple of boys over while Stacy is out that night. They drink alcohol and begin to play strip poker but Betsy comes in catches them in the act. She kicks the boys out but, in exchange for not telling their parents, she spanks all of the girls and also Will. She makes a weird game of it called “Swats Poker” where you play cards and based on the hand you draw you get that amount of swats on the butt. Some of the girls end up liking the game, and we learn that even after Will and Betsy’s parents return and Stacy graduates college and moves away, Betsy and her friends and Will would occasionally get together for more games of swats poker, taking turns spanking each other.

Eventually, Will graduates high school and move away to college, and in his second year he’s having trouble with one of his math classes, and his parents reveal that they found out that Stacy, whom he hadn’t seen in years, is now working as a tutor in that city, and they hire here to tutor him. So the tutoring sessions begin, but when Will still has trouble with some of his assignments, Stacy spanks him. They both find these experiences erotic, and as the lessons progress they fall in love and get married when Will is in his senior year.

Back to the present, Will wonders what’s taking so Stacy so long, so he goes down the stairs to find her, and what he discovers changes their marital dynamic for good.

I liked this story a little less, for reasons which I’ve stated before in my reviews of similar stories. I like spanking stories for the femdom aspect, meaning I like to read about women spanking and otherwise dominating men. And when this story focuses on Stacy spanking Will the scenes are hot, just what I wanted. But there’s also a lot of women getting spanked in this story, which I’m just not into. I’ve noticed a lot of writers of spanking stories make this same choice, that even when the story is primarily about women spanking men they’ll also including at least one instance of the tables being turned and showing a woman getting spanked too. But I assume that most readers of such material are like me, they either want to read about men getting spanked or women getting spanked, not both. I mean, the very title of this collection says it: Strict Ladies and Naughty Boys, so it should be obvious that readers pick it up expecting femdom stories. If it’s going to showcase both, then call it Strict Ladies and Naughty Boys and Girls.

So the premise of the story was great, and if it just focused on a man who was spanked by his sexy older neighbor as a teenager and then re-encountered her as an adult and now they’re in a female-led marriage, I would have liked that much better. It was still a well-written story, just not what I expected.



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  1. I live in Lancaster ca 93535 I’ve never been put across a woman s knee to be spanked.. I’m 31 years old praying that I will meet a woman who will set rules and peg my virgin butt for her satisfaction. His there a woman who will set rules and regulations that must be obeyed please comment I’ll be your bitch

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