Strict Ladies and Naughty Boys vol. 1 by Rollin Hand


Today I’m reviewing another collection of short stories from Femdom/spanking expert Rollin Hand. This volume contains 6 stories with the recurring them of older women dominating, and spanking, younger men.

This story is told from the POV of Cory, a short and skinny 20 year old man who has gotten a job as a pool cleaner. One of his clients is a 35-year old woman named Ashley. Over the course of a few weeks, Corey enjoys the opportunity to ogles Ashley’s body as she lounges in a bikini while he cleans her pool. One day when he comes over he finds that Ashley some kind of small party, attended by 3 other older women and a 22 year old man named Tony. Cory is left outside cleaning the pool while the party goes on inside the house, with Ashley having drawn the curtains on all the windows. Cory gets tempted and sneaks a peak through one of the windows and watches in awe, and arousal, as he see that Tony is stripped naked and laying across the lap of one of the women as she spanks him, while Ashley and the other two women watch. The next time Cory comes by for to clean the pool, Ashley confronts him with videotape she has from her home surveillance system, showing Cory peaking through the window. She threatens to call his job and get him fired, but Cory begs for forgiveness and agrees to let Ashley spank him as punishment instead. First she has him lay across his lap in just his underwear as she spanks him with his bare hand. Halfway through she yanks his underwear down and continues spanking his now bare ass. After he’s reduces to tears she has him stand up, then she gets some baby oils and pours it over his erect cock and masturbates him with her hands. But she doesn’t bring him to climax, just gets him nice and hard, then has him lay across her lap again, this time with his cock clamped between her thighs, and then she spanks him again with a wooden paddle. As she spanks him his cocks rubs between her thighs, bringing him to climax. Afterward she makes him eat her out, and then says that next time Cory comes over she’s going to have her women friends back too, so that they can all punish Cory.

Very hot story, definitely left me wanting more (I wanted to read about Cory’s next punishment!) great way to start off the book.

In this story 20-year old Perry is a college student majoring in sociology. He’s writing a thesis on the use and effectiveness of corporal punishment in schools. He arranges to interview the principle of a private religious school which still incorporates corporal punishment, and is surprised to discover that the principle is Miss Nora Kincaid, who was his teacher back when he was in 8th grade. Miss Kincaid is in her late 30’s-early 40’s now and Perry still finds her very attractive. She remembers him, as well, and an ongoing topic between them is how she used to spank students when Perry was in her class, but even though she knew he’d causes trouble a few times she’d never been able to catch him, and therefor Perry never got spanks, although his friends and fellow trouble-makers had. As Perry interviews her about the technique used to spank students at this school, Miss Kincaid suggests that in order to truly understand the practice, Perry should experience it himself. At first shocked, Perry agrees, and he is taken to the special room in the school where the spankings are conducted, and must drops his pants and bend over as Miss Kincaid gives him 7 strong whacks with the school paddle. Perry finds the experience both very painful and quite arousing.

As Perry continues to work on his thesis, he keeps reliving the experience, and contacts Miss Kincaid again, this time wanting to interview her about the difference between “school spanking” and “domestic spanking.” So this time Miss Kincaid invites Perry to her home, and once again a personal demonstration is offered. This time Perry is made to strip completely, and then lay across Miss Kincaid’s lap where she spanks his bare ass with her bare hand repeatedly until Perry is left a crying mess. But afterward as a “reward” for taking his punishment so well, Miss Kincaid leads him by his cock to her bedroom where she undresses and lays down on the bed and has him fuck her until they both simultaneously climax. We’re told that she revives him and has him fuck her two more times before it’s over. But there is the promise of future spanking and sex sessions to come.

Another great story. While the history between the two characters wasn’t necessary, it did enhance the background a bit. I’d also like to read of more encounters between these two.

This story involves a 30 year old man named Peter, described as a software millionaire. He’d been sued by one of his female employees for sexual harassment, and in order to settle the case, he agree to attend this institution called the Little Red Schoolhouse, run by a woman named Julia, which involves BDSM roleplay. The place is designed like an old time schoolhouse, little something out of The Little Rascals, and Julia (no age is given), dresses like a schoolmarm. Just like a real school, Peter is assigned to write an essay. When he turns it in to Julia she deems it incomplete. As punishment he must drop his pants and underwear and lay across Julia’s lap as she spanks him with a ruler until he cries. Then he’s given a short test with 10 questions. Julia says he got 6 questions incorrect, and must receive 6 straps with a cane. Peter his made to drop his pants and underwear again, and this time bend over a school desk as Julia spanks him.

This is shorter story than the first two. It didn’t really work for me. I think a major appeal of this type of story is there being a notable age difference between the woman and the man. And with this lead character being 30, and all of this being role-play, it just sort of fell flat.

This is the story of John (no age given), who signs up to an exclusive Health Club, which offers “motivational workouts” that guarantee results. John is told when he signs that part of the motivation is that when he signs up he agrees to “punishment” if he misses 3 appointments in a row. While he sticks to his routine for awhile, eventually he does miss 3 appointments, and therefor is summoned to the club, where an amazonian redhead named Sandra (no age given) is prepared to punish him. John is taken to a basement room at the club where he is instructed that he will receive ten whacks with a wooden paddle. John is made to bend over some exercise equipment, while Sandra whacks him, as he’s still wearing his shorts. It hurts more than John expected, and he can’t stop moving despite Sandra’s warnings not to. So after only 4 whacks, Sandra decides that he needs to be punished “the old-fashioned way.” She grabs him by his ear, and sits down and makes him lay across her lap. She yanks his shorts and underwear down and proceeds to spank him with her bare hand repeatedly until he’s crying. Then she takes the paddle again and finishes his whacks, with six more. Afterward, she makes John stand in front of her and masturbates his cock and until he ejaculates all over her thighs.

Another short story. Basically the same problem as the previous one.

18 year old James is spending part of his summer staying with 38 year old Beverly, a longtime friend of the family, while his parents are away on vacation. James grew up with Beverly living next door to him, and she’s always been like a mother figure to him. One night while he’s staying there, she lets him borrow her car to go out with his friends. Although James is usually a good kid who never gets into trouble, his friends talk him into drinking alcohol for the first time, and he drives him drunk, crashing the car into Beverly’s fence and bushes. The next day, after waking up, Beverly confronts him not only about the damage to her car and property but about how dangerous his behavior was. She decides that this requires punishment. She ends up taking James to his bedroom, he’s wearing his pajamas, and makes his lay across her lap. She pulls down his pajama pants and proceeds to spank him with a wooden hairbrush until he’s almost crying. Then, with his pants still off, she make him lay on the bed, with his bare ass propped up on pillows, and spanks him again, this time with a switch that the took off one of the trees in her yard. And this time he is whipped until he’s crying and begging for mercy. When it’s over, James has learned his lesson, and never drinks again.

Now this is better. Also kind of short, but the dynamic between the characters worked well.

David is just about to turn 21, when his sister Cassie talked him into taking part in a special charity auction that her sorority was holding, in which men would offer various services, from a date to housecleaning, for women to bid on. Cassie convinces David to auction his “21 birthday licks” for charity. A woman named Victoria Smythe-Hobbs, described as a voluptuous British woman in her early 40’s, bids $500 and wins. David thinks this is mostly a joke, figuring the woman would playfully smack him a few times just for fun, and that would be it. But when he arrives at Victoria’s house for the spanking, it turns out that she is dead serious. First she makes him strip naked in front of her, and slowly turn around so she can get a good look at his body. She she sits down in a chair, hikes up her skirt (revealing her stocking-clad legs), and has David lay across her lap (with his cock stick down between he thighs) and proceeds to spank him with her hand. To David’s dismay, she doesn’t just smack him 21 times, but she smacks him the amount of years for each birthday. Meaning she smacks him once for his first birthday, then twice for his second birthday, three times for his third, all the way until his 21st in which she smacks him 21 times in quick succession. Plus she gives him one extra smack “to grow on.” So that’s a totally of 231 smacks on his ass. When it’s over poor David is crying and exhausted and in pain, but he brightens up (and his cock rises again) when he notices Victoria stripping off her own clothes. She tells him that it’s her birthday too, and offers her behind to David for spanking…

A good story to end the book with. Making Victoria British was a nice touch, adding to the fantasy. The only thing I would have changed was in the end having Victoria getting naked in order to have sex with David, not let him spank her. I’ve said this before, and maybe I’m in the minority, but I feel like when it comes to kinks like spanking or bondage you either want to see one gender in charge or the other. You either want to read about women dominating men, or men dominating women. So in a collection like this about women in charge, you don’t want to see the women in a submissive role. But sometimes writers will slip that into a story anyway. But at least Rollin Hand didn’t get into detail there.

Altogether good collection. Even with the two unsatisfying stories in the middle, the other four are all very well-written. And, like all good short stories, leave you wanting more. If older women spanking and dominating younger men turns you on, then check this book out. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS



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