veronica 2030

This 1999 film is from Surrender Cinema. Written by C. Courtney Joyner and directed by Gary Graver, this has to be one of my easiest films to review, as the DVD synopsis tells you pretty much the whole story (SPOILERS!):

The year is 2030 and two scientists, Felix and Maxine (E.R. Wolf and Stephanee LaFleur), are about to release their latest creation, Veronica a fully functional pleasure android (played by adult film legend Julia Ann), out onto the market. Unfortunately, untimely interference from a colleague causes Veronica to be sent back to the year 1998. There she meets Harry Horner (Joseph Roth) and becomes a lingerie model to help his ailing catalogue fetish business. Soon Camilla (Nikki Fritz), Harry’s competitor, learns of Veronica and steals her away to make Veronica work for her. Eventually, the two scientists locate Veronica and travel back to 1998 in a bid to rescue her. Harry and the scientists combine forces and rescue Veronica from Camilla’s clutches. Veronica makes Harry’s business a success and he is able to sell it to an interested buyer. Veronica and Harry have fallen in love and she decides to stay in 1998 along with the two scientists!

So there you go, that’s the movie. There are a few story inconsistencies.While the synopsis claims that film begins in the year 2030, it’s not specifically stated that. Rather 2030 is just the designation of Veronica. At one point after Felix and Maxine travel back to 1999, Maxine makes a comment that sodas were outlawed “50 years ago”, which means that if they were from the year 2030 then sodas were outlawed in 1980. So, obviously, they’re from much further in the future. And also, the computers we see them using in that far-off future are old full box-sized monitors. But that stuff can overlooked. I’m just mentioning it because I’m a nitpicker.

It’s shot very well, and the cast does a good job. Even if the premise itself is a rather silly, for the most part they play it straight. Whether discussing the mechanics of time travel or one character’s large penis, there are no winks to the camera. Nikki Fritz was already a veteran in softcore films by then, so she played her part of the “villain” very well. And Julia Ann, in what I believe was her first non-Adult film role, also was quite believable, playing this android who was both sexually insatiable but also pure and innocent. Not an easy role to pull off, but she did it. So, all in all, a fine effort. Now let’s get to the real reason we watch these films: the sex scenes!

There are 12 sexual scenes in the film, I write it like that because not all of them portray actual sex. Julia Ann, as the star, is in the majority of the scenes. She has a sex scene with Steve Curtis, (who plays a rival scientist) taking place the lab soon after Veronica is “created.” She has a sex scene with Everett Rodd (who plays a photographer), on a chair in a club. She has a lesbian sex scene with Nikki Fritz on a bed (which is my vote for hottest sex scene in the film), and then a scene with Johnny Styles (who plays Fritz’ character’s chauffeur) in that same bed. And she has a sex scene with Joseph Roth on a bed. All of the scenes are hot and very realistic (Julia’s XXX training is evident). Julia also has a couple of scenes with two other women, Sandy Wasko and Wendy Davidson (who play a couple of models). In one scene they’re doing a photoshoot, and we see them on a stage posing together in bikinis and lingeries, stripping their clothes of occasionally feeling each other up and kissing. In another, more explicit, scene, they three of them perform a strip-tease on stage in front of a crowd, and Wasko and Davidson have lesbian sex together. And there’s also one brief solo scene of Julia on a bed naked while masturbating.

Wasko and Davidson have a full threesome scene with Roth, and then another threesome with Everett Rodd, but it’s not a full scene. Everett Rodd has a full sex scene with Nikki Fritz on a bed, and it’s a hot one. And E.R. Wolf and Stephanee LaFleur have one brief sex scene. So this film definitely gives you your money’s worth of erotica. And with a good looking cast of decent actors, it’s enough to give this film a Chacebook rating of 4 STARS



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