If there was a Softcore Film Hall of Fame, Shannon Whirry would have to be in the first class of inductees (along with Shannon Tweed, Monique Parent, and Julie Strain, in my opinion). I’ve often said that the 1990’s was somewhat of a Golden Era of Softcore films, as cable television had become more popularized, and the VCR had become ubiquitous, so several studios were popping out high-quality erotic thrillers, or comedies, that you could rent on video or stay up late at night to catch on Cinemax or Showtime. Back then, these films were taken a bit more seriously, as they’d have high production values, being filmed on locations, with effort being put into the storylines and, most importantly, stars who were hired as much for their ability to act as for their physical appearance and willingness to get nude on screen.

Shannon Whirry was one such stand-out of that decade. She was drop-dead gorgeous with a beautiful face and a perfect body, with large natural breasts that hung just right. Her sex appeal appeared to effortless, like she didn’t even have to try. You just took one look at her and fell in lust. And she had the ability to play either the innocent victim or the seductive villain both equally well.

Checking her IMDB page, it looks like she got into acting a little later than usual, as her first official credit was a small role in the Steven Seagal film OUT FOR JUSTICE in 1991, when she would have been 27. Her 2nd role, a year later, was her first starring role as Joanna Cole in the film ANIMAL INSTINCTS.

Produced by the now-defunct Axis Films studio, this film was an instant classic, and lead to a string of starring roles in other softcore films, including a sequel to Animal Instincts, and action films in which she would often have nude scenes. She also appeared in several  TV roles, often playing some type of sexpot.

As the 90’s came to a close, it looks like Shannon attempted to transition into more mainstream roles, that didn’t require nudity, although it appears that she still often got cast in sexy roles, such as “Beautiful breastfeeding Mom” in Jim Carrey’s 2000 comedy ME, MYSELF, & IRENE.

As of today, her last acting credit is in 2012. Sometime in the early 2000’s Shannon married a man named Gary Richard Kiernan and moved to Arizona where the two of them worked together as real estate agents. There is a profile for the two of them and their business HERE, which also includes a blog that the two of them co-wrote, but the last entry is currently from May 2011, and there’s a link to a defunct website, so I don’t know if they’re still working or even still married. I can’t find any social media accounts for either of them. But whatever she’s doing in her life, I hope Shannon is happy and fulfilled.

Now “Tiga63” is a seller on the website iOFFER who specializes in selling films on DVD’s. He has access to many out-of-print and hard to find softcore films and TV series, at reasonable prices, and I have bought many from him over the past few years. In many of my previous softcore reviews here if it’s an older film or series, when I include the link to purchase it, it’s usually from Tiga63. Now, this particular DVD I’m writing about today is a DVD-R that he put together himself, in which he has compiled a bunch of sex scenes from Shannon Whirry’s films. This is awesome for Shannon Whirry fans, as many of her films are out-of-print, so instead of tracking them all down just to skip ahead to the sex scenes, you can get this one DVD and enjoy them all!

The DVD is about an hour and 45 minutes long. I haven’t counted, but there are at least 40 scenes on it, from her bigger hits and lesser-known films. Full sex scenes with men, and with women, and with both at the same time. As well as many scenes where she’s  nude or in various stages of undress (taking a shower, changing clothes, sunbathing, etc.). They’re all transferred from TV or VHS on to a DVD-R, so the quality of some scenes are better than others. But for what you get all together, it is definitely worth watching.

This gets a Chacebook rating of 5 STARS!

Jason Majercik is selling this UNRATED DVD for $19.99. Email him at for his softcore inventory list

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