Frist, don’t worry if you haven’t seen MY BEST FRIEND’S WIFE, as this is a sequel-in-name-only. Written by Anora Leachim, and directed by Christopher Murphy, this 2005 film is from Torchlight Pictures and stars Frankie Cullen and Akira Lane as married couple Doug and Jenny. Rafe plays their good friend Jeff. We see the three of them playing paint-ball together when the film begins. Doug and Jenny appear to be happy, as we see them engage in a hot sex scene in their house after Jeff leaves.

Doug is a reserve Marine, and when he gets called away on a training retreat for a week, he asks Jeff to look in on Jenny while he’s gone. The next day Jenny calls Jeff over to fix a broken pipe in her kitchen sink. While there he spills water all over himself, and Jenny suggests he take off his shirt and pants to dry them, and Jeff does, revealing himself to be completely naked underneath. Jenny clearly likes what she sees, but at that moment Doug calls on the phone, which freaks Jeff out and he hurriedly grabs his clothes and leaves.

Allysin Chaynes plays Jeff’s sister, Carole, whom he lives with. Carole has an active and wild sex life, which Jeff doesn’t approve off. While he’s over at Jenny’s, Carole brings home a guy, played by Eric Frost, and they have sex on the couch in the living room. That scene could have been hotter, except Eric keeps his pants on during it, and Allysin keeps her skirt on.

Later, Jeff asks Carole for advice about what happened, as he’s sure Jenny was hitting on him, but Carole says she was probably just being friendly, and that the reason Jeff misread things is because he hasn’t been on a date in a longtime. So she then sets him up with a woman, played by Dru Berrymore (her character isn’t named in the film or the credits). We see Carole bring the woman home and she introduces her to Jeff and then leaves, and the woman immediately gets on top of Jeff and start kissing him and they have sex on the couch. This is a much hotter scene.

That night we see Carole and woman in Carole’s bedroom. They’re on the bed, both fully clothed, with a box of tissues, crying as they just finished watching a sad movie together. Afterward the woman starts to come on to Carole and, boom! LESBIAN SEX!

Meanwhile Jeff has gone back over to Jenny’s, ostensibly to check on her pipe again, even though she assures him that it’s been working fine since he fixed it. When he’s finished, Jenny invites him to stay and watch a movie with her, then she goes to change while he waits on the couch in her living room. When she comes back, she’s in sheer robe with nothing underneath, and sits in Jeff’s lap. Jeff protests that he can’t go through with this, because of Doug. So Jenny calls Doug and gives Jeff the phone. It turns out this was Doug’s idea all along, he wants Jeff to “take care”, ie have sex with, Jenny while he’s away because “it’s better you than some guy I don’t know.” Well alrighty then! And thus Jenny and Jeff have sex on that couch in a hot scene. THE END

So, a rather simple plot, which of course could have been even simpler if Doug had just told Jeff exactly what he wanted Jeff to do before he left. But, whatever. Of the 5 sex scenes, which range from 9-14 minutes, 4 of them very hot, especially the two with Akira Lane. That is enough to give this film 3 STARS

This not currently available for legal purchase as a film, as far as I can see. You can buy the sex scenes individually on If you look hard enough you’ll probably be able to find the whole movie available online, but since I don’t support piracy I can’t share any links, you’ll have to find THAT for yourself. . .

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