I found this movie on Amazon, as it popped up on “Recommended for you” page. I noticed that it was directed by Francis Locke, who also directed the films The Secret Desires of A Housewife, which I enjoyed, and Erin’s Erotic Nights, which I didn’t, but I couldn’t find much info about this film online (or even a decent picture of the cover, hence the blurry photo at the top of this post). It doesn’t even have an IMDB listing. But according to the credits on the DVD it was made in 2002 by Torchlight Pictures and Metropolis Productions.

Written by Anora Leachim, the plot is that Joel Palmero and Frank Mercuri play roommates Carl and Dirk. One day Dirk comes home from a 12 hour trip to Vegas with a girl named Sammy (played by Dawn Arellano) who he met there and they got married. Carl thinks it’s ridiculous for Dirk to marry a girl that he just met, and convinces them to go back to Vegas with him to get the marriage annulled. The problem is that the more time he spends with them, the more Carl becomes attracted to Sammy himself.

That’s pretty much it, the whole plot. If it doesn’t sound very interesting, it’s because it isn’t. The film is about an hour and half, and there are only 4 sex scenes. The film opens with Carl sleeping in bed, when a woman played by Kylie Wyote (aka Belinda Gavin) appears naked in his bed and they have sex (that’s just a dream). Dirk and Sammy have sex in the kitchen of Dirk and Carl’s apartment. And in the end (SPOILER ALERT), after the marriage is annulled, Carl and Sammy have sex on the bed in their hotel room in Vegas. There’s also Mia Zottoli and Kitana Baker play a couple of women who are disciples of the religious cult leader (played by Lauren Hayes) who married Dirk and Sammy, and they have a lesbian sex scene. Each sex scene is pretty good, especially the two with Arellano, but for some reason Locke films each scene half in slow-motion, while playing electro-music. On the plus side, Arellano and Plamero are actually pretty good actors when it comes to the dialog, and have decent chemistry with each. No one else really impresses me. Mercuri plays Dirk as if he’s some kind of goofy surfer dude. I think it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s just annoying.

There is the germ of a good idea in this film, but it’s just not executed well. Chacebook rating: 3 STARS

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