This 2002 film was written by Anora Leachim and directed by Francis Locke. It stars Beverly Lynne Meadows (back when she was just Beverly Lynne) as Cindy who just eloped with David (Evan Moore). The film opens on their wedding night, David is already sitting on the bed in their bedroom, just wearing pants, when Cindy walks in wearing a see-through black robe. The two proceed to have a 10 minute sex scene, shot very erotically. They kiss a lot and smile at each other, as if they’re really in love, and each go do on each other and then take turns getting on top of each other, until they both have realistic-looking orgasms. The next morning David gets ready to leave for work. They talk about how they’re going to save-up enough money to have a big official wedding ceremony later. Cindy doesn’t work, and offers to get a job to help, but David isn’t that she shouldn’t feel obligated to do so unless she finds a job that she really wants to do, and then he leaves.

Later Cindy’s friend Heather (played by Dawn Arellano, credited here as Dawn Rene) comes over and Cindy tells her about her marriage. Heather is excited and then asks if David knows about their business. The two women have been planning to set-up their own voyeuristic porn site, where actual couples will have sex on camera. They’ve got the equipment and everything else they need already set-up, and Heather offers to film the couples at her house. But Cindy hasn’t told David yet, because his father is a minister and David went to Catholic schools his whole life, so she’s afraid that he’s too conservative and won’t approve of this. She even mentions having a fantasy of wanting to see David with another woman, but knows that he will never go along with it.

Heather gets a phone call from a woman named Samantha who saw the ad that the ladies placed for the site, and she says that she and her boyfriend Steve are willing to perform for them. Samantha mentions that they’re about to have sex on another porn website and give Heather the link and password so she can watch them and see if they want to use them. So Heather and Cindy log in an we see the couple. Steve is played by Rich Howard and Samantha is played by adult film star Zana Cochran (sometimes known as just Zana, and credited here as Zania June). And we see them having sex in someone’s backyard in what appears to be a very nice patio. Their scene also last for about 10 minutes, and is very hot. Afterward, Samantha calls again, and Heather tells her that they’re perfect and they’ll arrange for a video-shoot.

Then Heather goes back to her house to prepare for their first shoot, which is with a man named Luke (Elliot Durant). He introduces himself to Heather and they sit down on a coach in front of the video camera while she interviews him about his sexual history. While watching the interview, David comes home offering to take Cindy for lunch, so she quickly turns off the computer and makes up and excuse for skipping lunch, so he goes back to work. And when Cindy gets back to the computer she sees that Luke is now naked while Heather checks out his body, and then they have sex, while Cindy watches on the computer, and gets so hot that she ends up stripping out of her dress and masturbating. This scene last about 9 minutes. That night, Cindy debates with herself about telling David, but still can’t bring herself to do it.

The next day, after David leaves for work, Cindy and Heather talk on the phone about the site, as Heather gets ready for Steve and Samantha to come over. Cindy notices that they’ve already got 230 paying members signed up to their website, at $30 each (remember, this was 2002, piracy wasn’t prevalent then, so more people were actually willing to pay for internet porn back then), which is great. Then Steve and Samantha come over and have sex on the coach in front of the video camera. It’s a shorter scene, a little over 7 minutes, it’s almost as hot as the first one. That’s a testament to the chemistry between those two actors, that you can watch the same couple twice in one film and not be bored. After it’s over, Cindy calls Heather and says they’ve now got 700 paying members. They’ve made over $22,000 in just a day (okay, even for 2002, that’s excessive).

Then in the end, we get the big twist – SPOILER ALERT – Cindy is online watching as Heather gets ready to film her next scene, and in walks David. It turns out that, at some point which we never saw, Heather told David all about the website and about Cindy’s fantasy to see him with another woman. So he agrees to join in, and then he and Heather have sex on camera while Cindy watches on her computer. This is the longest scene in the film, lasting about 18 minutes, occasionally cutting from Heather and David to show Cindy once again masturbating while she watches them. And when they’re finished, Cindy notices that they now have 1264 members on their website.

The final scene has David and Cindy together at home, talking about the website, and David isn’t mad, he just makes her promise not to keep any more secrets from him, and they kiss and make up. THE END

A pretty good film, thanks to the realism of the sex scenes. Much credit to director Locke for this one. Chacebook rating: 4 STARS

available on IOFFER

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