Written by Georges des Esseintes and directed by Jag Mundhra, this 1992 movie from Axis Films International stars Lee Anne Beaman as an investigative newspaper reporter named Jessica. She’s married to Greg, a successful author (played by Adrian Zmed), but their marriage is suffering due to Jessica being sexually repressed. When Greg goes away for 3 weeks on a book tour, Jessica finds pictures suggesting that Greg has been having an affair with another woman. Jessica uses her contacts to find out who the woman is, and begins following her. The woman is Traci (played by Jenna Persaud aka Juliet Reagh), a professional nude model and escort. When Jessica first tracks down Jessica’s apartment, she sees Traci having sex with her boyfriend/manager Carl (Dan Moriarty). Jessica later follows Traci to the beach, where Traci does a nude photoshoot with another woman (adult film star Deidre Holland), and then to a bar where Traci picks up and has sex with a random man (Alan Gelfant) in the ladies bathroom. It’s at this point that Traci confronts Jessica for following her, and Jessica pretends to be working on an article about the adult entertainment industry for her newspaper. So Traci consents to an interview, and the also invites Jessica to come to her place to watch her do another photoshoot, this time with a man (Craig Stepp). As this charade goes on, Jessica finds herself becoming more and more drawn into Traci’s lifestyle, even becoming a little envious of how sexually free Traci is. Finally, in a flashback, we learn what’s been holding Jessica back. When she was a teenager (played by Allison Barron) she walked in on her mother (Victoria Deuschle), who was a strict fundamentalist Christian who constantly warned Jessica to “resist temptation”, having sex with another woman (Kym Wilde, under the name Regina Geisler).

Eventually Jessica confronts Traci about the affair with Greg, which Traci denies, swearing that she only sent those pictures to Greg as a fan of his work. When Jessica goes back to Traci’s place to apologize, she sees Traci getting abused by Carl. Carl leaves when he sees Jessica, and Jessica tries to comfort Traci, which leads to them having sex. The next morning, Jessica wakes up alone in Traci’s bed, and Paul shows up, saying Traci sent him over as a birthday present, and they have sex in the shower. Both of these incidents seems to release Jessica’s inhibitions, she starts acting more confident and is happier at work. But that comes crashing down when a video tape of her having sex with Traci is shown at her office, in front of her boss and coworkers. Jessica is humiliated, and her boss fires her, so she goes to Traci to demand answers. I won’t spoil the ending, you’ll have to see it yourself to find out how it is all resolved.

This is a very good film, particularly on the strength of the two female leads. At first glance Beaman is not your typical softcore film star. She is attractive, but not in an obvious way. She seems more like a serious actress. She has no qualms getting naked, and there are several instances where she does that, and her sex scenes look very realistic, whether with men or women, but she’s just as good at the dramatic scenes, where she needs to show emotion. Persaud/Reagh is more of what you’d expect from an erotic movie star. A former Penthouse Pet, she burns up the screen whenever she’s on it, especially during her nude and sex scenes, which will having you taking a cold shower afterward. From her large breasts to her creamy brown skin, this Brazilian Beauty is amazing. This was her first film but, unfortunately, she didn’t make many more after this. I think she cold have been a major star in the softcore genre. The lesbian scene with the two leads is enough by itself to justify getting this film.

Oh yeah, it also includes a brief role for Sam J. Jones aka Flash Gordon. I’ve always been impressed with the way Axis was able to get name actors for bit parts in their films. You could say it helped add legitimacy to the product. 5 STARS

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