Vixens From Venus

First, to be clear, this is not to be confused with the 1995 film VAMPIRE VIXENS FROM VENUS. There are no Vampires here. Just Vixens.

Writer and director Sal V. Miers returns for this, his third feature. I’ve been looking forward to this film ever since I saw the trailer for it on the DVD for his first film BAD GIRLS BEHIND BARS back in February. The main reason is because it stars Erika Jordan, who is my favorite current softcore actress, and whom you can always count on to do her best in both her acting and her sex scenes, even if the overall film or TV show itself isn’t all that great. I believe I recall reading about this either on her Twitter or Blog at the time this was filmed that she was a last-minute addition to the movie, joining the production after it had already started filming, after some other actress became unavailable, for some reason. And altogether this film was a bit of a rush-job. I’ll also note that the cover image for the DVD isn’t even from this film, I recognize that as Erika’s outfit in DIRTY BLONDES FROM BEYOND, which was the first film I ever saw her in.

The second reason why I was excited for this film was that I saw that it had a Black male in a prominent role. As a Black person who regularly watches these features I have long wanted to see more Black people in softcore films and TV shows. Overall it’s pretty rare. There was  Reginald Chevalier who had a recurring role, which included several sex scenes, in EMMANUELLE IN SPACE and Lexington Steele was on an episode of THE BEST SEX EVER, as was Candace Washington. And recently adult film star Misty Stone has appeared in softcore films SEXY WARRIORS and INVISIBLE CENTERFOLDS. There have been others, of course, I don’t have an exact count of Black actors and actresses in softcore films and TV shows, those are just the ones I’ve reviewed here so far, I’m just saying that on the whole its a small percentage. The only time Black actors have been regularly cast in both leading and supporting roles were in the TV series’ ZANE’S SEX CHRONICLES and ZANE’S THE JUMP OFF, both of which were specifically aimed at Black audiences (and the latter of which featured Erika Jordan in several episodes in some hot interracial scenes).  But I’m not specifically saying that I want more “Black softcore”,  just a little more diversity on a regular basis would be nice.

Anyway, so this is another softcore film with a tangentially sci-fi theme (as is typical of Retromedia lately).  Erika co-stars with Katie Morgan and Dillion Harper as three women who have been arrested for various crimes, and given the option to participate in some top-secret scientific experiment in exchange for freedom. They are taken to some secret laboratory, run by three scientists, Dr. Edwards  (Otto Bauer), Dr. Kline (Pristine Edge), and Dr. Grayson (Ryan McLane). Brandon C. Greene (the aforementioned Black male) plays Charlie, the dimwitted caretaker/janitor of the facility, whom the doctors barely regard. The doctors tell the ladies that they have been in contact with an alien race who live on the planet Venus, but since physical travel from Venus to Earth isn’t possible yet, they have built a device in which the Venusians could have their brains temporarily teleported into the minds of humans, so that the doctors could interview them personally. If the ladies agree to let the aliens take over their bodies (while their own brains are held in “storage”) for a week, then the ladies will get their bodies back and have all criminal charges against them dropped.

It should be noted that the Venusians specifically requested that “beautiful young women” be chosen for this switch. The women agree, and Erika Jordan’s character becomes Zorak, Katie Morgan’s character becomes Zonondor, and Dillion becomes Zimbabwe. Over the next few days the doctors are planning to conduct a series of interviews with the women, in order to learn as much as they can about the civilization of and life on Venus. But when we see the aliens alone, we learn their secret (Spoiler Alert…I guess).

It seems that the Venusian race is suspicious of human beings. They’ve watched us for years and observed our violent ways, and are concerned that if we do indeed become capable of space travel we will simply continue our violence on Venus and other planets. The three doctors are supposedly the three most brilliant scientists in this field on Earth, and the closest to inventing space travel. So the plan is to prevent them from accomplishing this, in order to delay the technological advancement of humanity, at least until we’ve hopefully evolved more as a species. And how will they accomplish this? By having sex with the doctors!

Yeah, seriously. That’s the plan. See, somehow, the act of having sex with these Venusian women (although they’re in the bodies of normal human beings, but nevermind) allows the Venusians to steal the intelligence of the humans that they’re having sex with. So by the time the sex is over, the human is “a blithering child-like simpleton.”  This explains why the Venusians want to inhabit the bodies of beautiful women, to make it easier for them to seduce Earth men. They weren’t expecting one of the scientists to be a woman, and there’s some initial concern that this will hurt their chances of suppressing Dr. Kline’s intelligence, but as we all know every human woman is secretly bisexual (at least according to Retromedia films), so that’s not a problem.

One by one the doctors are seduced, until all three are left singing “itsy bitsy spider” and playing pat-a-cake together. Charlie finds out what’s going on, and realizing that now he’s going to have to take care of the doctors,  due to their child-like mind-states, he convinces the Venusians to then give the doctors’ combined intelligence to him (yes, they can also give intelligence to a human by having sex with him…just go along with it), promising that he’ll only use his brain to help people on Earth, not work on space travel.  And there we get our happy ending.

So there’s your “story,” now let me be specific about the sex scenes. There are 7 in total. Katie Morgan has a scene with Robbie Carroll, who plays an undercover police officer. She is a hooker, whom he pays for sex. And then after the sex he arrests her (despite her correctly pointing out the questionable legality of him arresting her after having sex with her), which is how she gets sent to the lab in the first place. The scene itself is pretty good, they both look like they’re into it as they switch several positions, until it ends with a passionate kiss.

Then Erika Jordan has a scene with Otto Bauer, as Dr. Edwards is trying to interview Zorax, but she seduces him instead. This is the best scene in the film, in my opinion, as it starts with Erika seductively stripping off her clothes in front of him, first baring her breasts and then turning around to show off DAT ASS. And then she grinds on him while he’s sitting in a chair. It’s hot.

Then there’s a scene with Ryan McLane and Pristine Edge, as Grayson and Kline are supposed to be in a relationship. They have sex on desk. And the scene isn’t bad, but about halfway into it, the scene cuts away to the three Venusians talking in another room, as Zorax realizes that she left her panties from her sex session with Edwards in the other room. We then cut back to the doctors having sex, and then we see Zorax open the door and look in to see them (the doctors are too busy boning to notice her), and then she goes back to the other Venusians to tell them about it. And then we cut back to the doctors still sex, with new faster music playing, until it ends.

This scene could have been much hotter, but the cut-aways killed the momentum of it. It’s no fault of Ryan or Pristine, that is on the hands of Sal V. Miers. I don’t know why he made the choice to shoot this scene like that.

Then we get a sort-of lesbian threesome between Erika, Pristine, and Dillion. Except the way it’s shot, with extreme close-ups, it doesn’t really seem like all three women are together. It’s mostly Erika and Pristine, and we don’t even see Dillion, then there’s a little bit of Dillion and Pristine where we don’t see Erika, before it ends again on Erika and Pristine. This also could have been a hotter scene. It probably should have just been a two-some with Erika and Pristine without trying to force Dillion into it.

Then we get our first interracial scene, which is between Pristine and Brandon. After the lesbian sex, Dr. Kline has lost her intelligence, and Charlie happens to find her sitting and talking to herself, and he tries to help her, which leads to sex. Now, ignoring the fact that since her character is clearly mentally incapacitated, which would technically make this RAPE, it is a hot scene between these two. Although there is another brief cutaway, as Dr. Grayson walks in and sees them having sex and then leaves. Again, once he’s gone and it’s back to the couple, the music has changed, becoming faster, until the sex ends.

Next is Ryan McLane with Katie Morgan, as Dr. Grayson is upset at catching his supposed girlfriend banging “that idiot” Charlie, especially since he turned down Zonondor earlier in the film when she tried to seduce him because he was faithful to Kline. But now he decides to “get me some poontang” (yes, that’s what he says in the script) and goes back to Zonondor for sex. This is another good scene (with no interruptions).

That’s how it ends with the three doctors now stupid and the Venusians ready to leave. But after talking to Charlie, we get our final scene, an interracial threesome. Erika, Katie, and Brandon have sex in a chair, in a pretty good scene with the ladies taking turns grinding him in his lap. It is a little weird that Dillion’s character isn’t in this one, she was just there one minute before the sex starts and then she’s gone. Then again foursomes are hard to film, so perhaps it was better to just focus on three people at the most.

As far as acting goes, Erika Jordan is great, as usual, which is all the more impressive considering her late addition to the film. I was also particularly impressed with newcomer Pristine Edge (love that name), and hope to see her in future films. Katie Morgan, who is still a relative newbie to softcore film, has some room to improve her acting skills, but she is drop-dead gorgeous so that’s a plus. And Dillion Harper’s role was relatively minor, so I honestly can’t really judge her performance. For the ladies in the audience that there’s plenty of man-ass on display in the B/G sex scenes. Overall, I wouldn’t call this film one of Retromedia’s best, and some questionable direction choices keep this from being as good as it could have been, but I still think this film is worth a Chacebook rating of 3 And A HALF STARS

Note: As the credits run, we’re treated to multiple bloopers by the cast, which is kind of funny. I wrote this review after seeing this film on cable, and haven’t gotten my copy of the DVD yet, so I can’t confirm or deny if there are any extras on it (they usually include at least one trailer from an upcoming movie).


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    • No, this is why these are referred to as “softcore” films. Because, much like “hardcore” porn films, these movies are primary made for the purpose of arousing and titillating the audience, but unlike porn the actors don’t actually have sex in them. The scenes are are just simulated, same as any love scene in a mainstream film or TV show.


  1. Excellent review as usual.

    I agree about the three women sex scene. It really missed the boat on being hotter. It’s nice but not as good as it could have been. And if you look close you can definitely see a black haired woman instead of Erika Jordan in the cutaway. You are right should have just been Jordan/Edge. Ah, well.

    Pristine Edge though is fun and really gets into her scenes. She has a great body.



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