The latest film from writer/director Dean McKendrick. I had to get this one as it stars Christine Nguyen, who has long been one of my favorite softcore actress, and Erika Jordan, who has been become one of my new favorites over the past year. So any film with both of them in it is a definitely “must buy” for me. Plus, other headliner Jazy Berlin is no slouch either.

The premise of the film is that in 3000 BC Diana (Jazy) and Athena (Erika) are members of two warring Amazon tribes on the Isle of Lesbos. Diana’s tribe is interesting in bringing men to the Island for pleasure while Erika’s tribe are against men. Diana is seeking a mystical object called The Orb of Azoth which is supposed to be able to grant witches. She finds it but is confronted by Athena and the two women have a brief sword fight, with Diana getting the upper hand and knocking Athena out. Diana then makes a wish on the Orb and is sent to modern day Los Angeles, arriving in a gym owned by a woman named Gail (Nguyen).

Gail has a boyfriend Eric (Brandon Ruckdashel), whom we don’t see until much later in the film, although she doesn’t appear to be all that serious about him at first, as we quickly see her having sex with Mark (Alexandre Boisvert aka Voodo), one of her gym members, after hours in the locker room. After Mark leaves that’s when Diana magically appears. Gail, who just so happens to be a devout reader of books about ancient Amazons, doesn’t seem too shocked at the idea of Diana’s appearance. She takes Diana back to her place to teach her about the modern era and they discuss men and sex. Diana’s never had sex with a man, but is experienced with sex with women, and offers to show Gail, which leads to a hot lesbian scene on the coach. Afterward, Gail takes Diana to a local bar to meet men, and Diana is quickly hit on by a man named Mario (Alec Knight), whom Gail encourages her to go home with so she can learn about sex with a man, which she does.

Meanwhile, back in 3000 BC, Athena wakes up and uses the Orb to follow Diana, and ends up appearing in Gail’s gym, where she meets Mark and Rita (Misty Stone), another gym customer who happens to be a lesbian and had been discussing teaming up with Mark to find a way to buy Gail’s gym. After witnessing an example of Athena’s superhuman Amazonian strength, Mark thinks they can use her to become a TV star and make enough money to buy the gym. Mark urges Rita to convince Athena to go along with them, and Rita’s method involves seducing her. Afterward, Rita and Mark take Athena to meet a local TV show host named Morty (Ted Newsom), to convince him to put Athena on his show.

Diana returns to Gail’s place after having sex with Mario, and then Gail’s boyfriend Eric shows up and they all have a threesome. Afterward they turn on TV and see Athena on Morty’s show, and call her over. Diana convinces Athena that she needs to try sex with man, and Mark gleefully volunteers for that job. That’s the final sex scene, after which Gail comes up with a unique solution to the Amazons’ problem (NO SPOILERS) and they are sent back to their own time. THE END

Pretty good film, for what it is. The title and cover image give an impression that this is more of a sword and sorcery tale than it actually is, but it’s still good thanks to the hot sex scenes. I was particularly impressed with the threesome scene, we don’t get a lot of male/female/female threesomes in this softcore films for some reason, so that’s a nice change of pace. I also really enjoyed Erika Jordan and Misty Stone’s lesbian scene. Stone was a nice inclusion in this film, as you don’t see many Black woman (& certainly no Black men) in Softcore either. A little color is always welcome, and I hope she’s brought back for future features (she also has a solo shower scene in this film).

My main disappointment is that we never get a scene with Erika and Christine together. Their lesbian scenes in Dirty Blondes From Beyond & Baby Dolls Behind Bars (which also included Berlin) were epic, and I was hoping for a follow-up, as soon as I learn that they were making this film together. It would have been nice to have Erika and Jazy together in a scene too, as it would have made sense for their characters to unite at the end.

Oh well, still a good film, full of hot sex scenes, so I rate this one FOUR STARS


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