Written by Greyson Gir and directed by Francis Locke, this film stars former adult film star (& now anti-porn Christian activist) Crissy Moran as Erin, a sexually liberated and uninhibited woman who lives with her roommate Annie (who is played by current adult film star Shyla Stylez, credited here as Amanda Auclair), who is a shy reserved woman that doesn’t date and can’t even bring herself to orgasm while masturbating (which we see her do in the opening scene in the film). If you can buy the premise that a woman who looks like Shyla Stylez can somehow be a sexually repressed nerd, then you may be able to enjoy this film.

The premise is basically that Erin feels sorry for Annie and wants to help bring her out of her shell and make her able to enjoy sex. After Annie leaves for work that first morning, Erin is greeted by a naked man (the character is never referred to by name in the film or credits, but he’s played by Jake Ryan) who walks up to where she’s sitting at the kitchen table, and they have sex right there. We then get a glimpse of Annie at her boring office job, where she has odd daydreams of being chained to a bed or walking through the desert in a sexy nurse outfit. When Annie gets home from work, Erin has a man and a woman (played by Ernesto Perdomo and Anita Million, but their character’s are never referred to by name in the film or credits either) in her bedroom and they have a threesome while Annie goes to her own room and strips naked and masturbates as she listens to them. It’s a long session, about 10 minutes, and Annie sure looks like she’s enjoying herself but, in the end, she still can’t cum.

The next day at work, we see more daydreams by Annie, she’s chained naked to a mattress somewhere, or out in the rain. Meanwhile, Eric is back at the apartment (she doesn’t seem to have a job), having sex with the man Jake Ryan plays on the couch while they talk about Annie’s problem. By the time they’ve finished, Erin’s decided to take Annie out that night to try and loosen her up.

So Erin and Annie go out on the strip (they live in Vegas) and at one point that night we see them kiss. Then they go back to a hotel where the characters played by Perdomo and Million are and Erin has another threesome with them while Annie sits in a corner and watches. The next day, Erin and Annie are alone in the room and Erin comes up to her and they begin kissing and then have sex, which Annie enjoys. But then afterward Erin calls Annie and told her that she called Annie’s boss and pretended to be Annie and quit the job, because Erin thinks that job was too boring for her. Erin gets pissed at her and leaves.

Eventually they meet back at their apartment and reconcile, this time Annie and Erin and the Jake Ryan character have a threesome. THE END

No, this film doesn’t make much sense. The Moran/Stylez lesbian scene and the threesome with Jake Ryan are both pretty hot, but not really hot enough to make me recommend this film. I give this maybe 2 1/2 STARS


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