Invisible Centerfolds

Sexy Trio

Here’s the latest Retromedia Softcore Cinema sensation from writer/director Dean McKendrick. I’m kind of breaking one of my internal rules here, as I usually wait until their films are on DVD before I post a review (and, unlike Mainline Releasing, Retromedia does still release their films on DVD), but I don’t know when it will be out on DVD (probably a couple of months) and it’s playing on cable now, so I’m just going to go ahead and jump the gun.

Frankie Dell plays a mad scientist named Professor Jennings who has somehow developed a special invisibility formula and is looking for people to test it on. Christine Nguyen, Scarlet Red, and Krissy Lynn play Kay, Crystal, and Beth. The three women are all roommates and are also bikini/lingerie models. For Beth and Crystal it’s their careers, but Kay is only modeling to pay for school where she’s studying to be a dental hygienist. Jason Lockhart plays Santini, a photographer who works with the girls. After one photo shoot, Santini tells the ladies that one of them could get picked to be the featured centerfold for the next issue of “Playpen magazine”. All the women are excited, and Santini gets Kay alone an propositions her, implying that if she has sex with him he will pick her for the centerfold. Although she needs the money for school, she coldly rejects him. Later, Kay meets Jennings and the bar and goes home with him, and he convinces her to try his formula, in exchange for giving her the money she needs. Kay drinks the forumula and it works, she turns invisible. So she uses her new invisibility to spy on her roommates, suspecting that one of them may take Santini up on his offer of sex to become the centerfold (and she’s right, Beth does sleep with Santini). And Andrew Espinoza Long plays a mobster named Gus who is on the run from the law. He happened to be in the same bar at the time and overheard Jennings, and he decides to track Jennings down and steal the forumula so that Gus can use to hide from the law.

So there’s your premise. That’s the basic plot and, well, it’s not exactly Shakespeare. I don’t think Mr. McKendrick will be nominated for any Best Screenwriting awards here. It’s a fun little story that accomplishes what it needs to (ie come up with excuses for the various actresses to get nude). So I’ll give the story THREE STARS

But let’s face it, we all know what we really watch these films for, don’t we? So now let’s talk about the sex scenes!

There are seven in this film. The first one is the opening scene with Frankie Dell and hardcore adult film star Misty Stone, who plays a woman named Rachel that Jennings meets and picks up at a local bar. He takes her back to his mansion, which greatly impresses her, and they have sex on his couch (afterward he takes her to his lab in the basement and tries to get her to try his serum, but she freaks out and leaves). This is Misty’s second softcore film role, she was last seen in SEXY WARRIORS, and I hope to see a lot more of her. As I noted before, we don’t see a lot of Black actors in these modern Softcore pics, which is a trend that I would like to see changed. If Dean McKendrick or anyone else at Retromedia happens to read this I hope they take my advice and, not only hire Misty again in the future, but also make an effort to find more women and men of Color for their films. But I digress. The scene is hot, Stone and Dell have good chemistry.

I immediately noticed something, which I also noticed in McKendrick’s previous films, is that unlike other notable Softcore filmmakers like Jim Wynorski and Fred Olen Ray, McKendrick tends to make his sex scenes a little more “romantic”. It’s  not the fast pounding that the others are known for, the scenes are slower with more kissing and caressing, which helps make the action look more real. He also has slower music playing, not the loud techno-beats that Wynorski enjoys, and it’s low enough that you can actually hear the actors moaning and dirty-talking during the scenes. Misty is particularly good in this, and when she shouts that she’s cumming, you believe her.

The next scene is Christine Nguyen and Frankie Dell having sex on a bed (in Jennings’ mansion). Nguyen is always amazing (she’s definitely my current favorite softcore actress) and doesn’t disappoint in this outing here. She and Dell switch several positions and Nguyen also moans very convincingly, which helps enhance the scene.

Then we get the first of two lesbian scenes, as Scarlet Red and Krissy Lynn have sex on the couch of their apartment (this is something that their characters’ mention doing a lot before, and bemoan that Kay never joins them). These ladies know how to make the lesbian love look realistic. If I didn’t know better I’d swear that they were really going at it (when Red puts her face right up in Lynn’s arse I could almost taste it myself). Scarlet is a hardcore adult film star and I believe that this is her first Softcore role, and I hope she is brought back for many more.

There is a second lesbian scene later, between Red and Nguyen, having sex on a bed, and it may be even hotter. This is one of Christine Nguyen’s specialties, and the ladies spend a lot of time licking each other’s breasts (this scene is also partially played in slow motion during the opening credits of the film) before getting to some grinding action. Smokin’ hot!

There are two more B/G sex scenes. Krissy Lynn has sex with Lockhart outdoors on a park bench (this is after a brief photoshoot where we get to see Lynn posing seductively in short-shorts) and then she has a later sex scene with Andrew Espinoza Long, who is also making his 2nd softcore appearance (he was last seen in College Coeds vs. Zombie Housewives), and they have sex on a couch in Jennings’ mansion. Krissy Lynn is one voluptuous vixen who puts her all into her scenes, and both the guys were more than up to the task. Great performances all around.

And the final scene is a threesome between Frankie Dell, Christine Nguyen, and Scarlet Red. It begins with Dell and Nguyen having sex while Nguyen’s character is invisible, so it’s a funny scene when Scarlet walks into the bedroom and sees Dell naked from behind humping thin air. Then Nguyen “appears” in position, and beckons Scarlet’s character to join them, which she does. This is my favorite scene of the film, I always love B/G/G threesomes, which are strangely rare in many Softcore films, but McKendrick has included them before and it’s good to see here.

So, for the seven sex scenes, this film gets a Chacebook rating of FIVE STARS, my highest recommendation.

When the film is released on DVD I will update this post with a link. For now, check your cable listing for air-times.


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