Animal Attraction: Carnal Desires

carnal desire

I’m breaking one of my informal rules here, as I usually only review softcore films and TV shows that are readily available, in their unrated versions, on DVD. But I was going through my personal collection and came across this film from 1999 which I have on VHS. I rewatched it and very much enjoyed it, so I felt like reviewing it here anyway.

Written by D. Ray Morton and directed by Eric Gibson, the same creative team behind 2004’s SINFUL OBSESSION, this film stars Steven Gingsburg as Mick, a professional massuesse. Mick works at a spa, where he’s known to give many of his female clients a little “extra” service (if ya know what I mean). His boss Tony (Michael Patrick) is aware of this, and isn’t happy with it, but overlooks it due to all the business Mick brings in. Tony also seems to be unusually fine with the fact that Mick quite openly talks about planning to open his own spa someday. Susan Featherly plays Kate, Mick’s roommate, and a coworker at the spa. They’re just platonic as the film starts, with Kate being unaware of Mick’s sexual activities with his clients, but the mutual attraction between them is obvious.

Through the help of one client Mick meets a wealthy investor named Dean Wallace (Louis Moorpark), and attempts to get him to loan Mick the money Mick needs to open his spa. After hearing Dean’s plans, he is willing to back Mick, and Kate who has also agreed to come in as Mick’s partner. The problem is that Mick is not only having affairs with Dean’s daughter Bonnie (Mia Zottoli) and Dean’s wife (and Bonnie’s stepmother) Lauren (who Tamara Landry), both of whom are clients of his, but also with Dean’s mistress Catherine (Peggy Trentini). Mick now finds himself juggling all of these women, trying to keep Dean from finding out or else that will end his dreams, and when he and Kate finally give into their passion, that gives him even more reason to hide the truth.

How long can Mick keep things going before everything blows up in his face? Watch the film to find out.

While the plot isn’t exactly dense, but this is a well-shot film, with a very attractive cast. The women in this film are all drop-dead gorgeous, especially Landry, and they all have multiple sex scenes. Well, Zottoli only has one full sex scene, and then she also has an extended scene where Steven’s character gives her full body massage as she’s nude (note: this is pre-breast implants for her). Tamara gets two sex scenes, Susan has three sex scenes, and Peggy has two full scenes plus two half sex scenes, (meaning one scene we join the sex already in progress and in another the sex begins but is interrupted before it can finish). This film runs about an hour and 25 minutes and ends on a satisfactory note. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

Now, as I said, it’s hard to find the unrated version, which is what you want. It can be found online, but I’m opposed to pirating and therefor can’t directly recommend such a thing. But if you search, either under it’s original title CARNAL DESIRE, or it’s later title ANIMAL ATTRACTION: CARNAL DESIRES, you are likely to find it. If I ever find a legitimate link I shall update this post with it but, in the meantime, happy hunting!

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