Here’s another film starring the busty brunette bombshell Nikki Fritz. Written by D. Ray Morton and directed by Eric Gibson, this 2004 film stars Fritz as Zanthe, a housewife who is married to a lawyer named Alan (played by Brian Heidik). And the film wastes no time in getting to the good stuff, as it opens with Zanthe and Alan have passionate sex in their bed at night. It’s a good scene, although it’s mostly in the dark so we can’t see as much as I’d like. We soon learn that despite that scene, Zanthe is bored and sexually frustrated, because Alan works too much.

One night Zanthe and Alan have Alan’s single coworker McCabe (Burke Morgan) over for dinner at their home, and he brings a date named Sophie (Dana Robbins), during which they play “truth or dare,” and McCabe reveals that he frequently goes to a brothel for sex and that he met Sophie there. Zanthe is really intrigued and excited by the idea. And at night she dreams of having hot sex with McCabe. The next day she calls Sophie and they meet for lunch, where Zanthe asks Sophie for more info about working at the brothel, and Sophie invites her to come by sometime.

Zanthe goes to the brothel and meets the madam, Olivia (Julia Kruis). Zanthe inquires about working at the brothel, and Olivia says she has to personally test her out, and the two women have sex. It’s not really a full scene, though. Olivia makes Sophia suck her finger, then they take turns licking each other’s breasts and then Zanthe goes down on Olivia, and then it’s over. Julia hires her, and Zanthe is to come back to start the next day. Afterward we get a brief scene of another prostitute named Christine (played by Raquel Devine aka Cheri Lacey) having sex with a customer named Dave (Ed Johnson).

The next day Zanthe comes by and is set up with her first customer, a man named Morgan (Everett Rodd), but she panics and can’t go through with it. So Olivia has Sophie take her place and has Zanthe watch from another room through a hole in the wall as Sophie and Morgan have sex. The next day at the brothel Zanthe is set up with Dave and has sex with him. After that she becomes entranced in the lifestyle, and begins working everyday at the brothel, including a return appointment with Morgan, which she goes through with this time. And she really enjoys it, but then one day when Morgan comes over and sets up and appointment with Christine, Zanthe gets jealous an interrupts them. Despite Olivia’s warnings, it seems Zanthe has developed feelings for Morgan.

McCabe eventually convinces Alan to come with him to the brothel (luckily when Zanthe isn’t there), and sets him up with Sophie while McCabe has a threesome with Olivia and Christine. Afterward Alan feels guilty for what he did. He goes to meet Zanthe for lunch, but she stands him up because she’s working at the brothel.

Of course the secret eventually comes out when Zanthe is set up with McCabe at the brothel, and they have sex. They agree to keep it a secret, but then when Morgan follows Zanthe home things get violent, and it all comes to an explosive conclusion.

This is an exciting erotic thriller with an attractive cast. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

This out of print film is hard to find. If you have a region-free DVD player there are some foreign copies of the DVD available on Amazon

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