TALES FROM THE STRIP by Andy Espinoza Long

Let’s start off a new month on Chacebook with a long-overdue review of a very fascinating book that I read last year (and have re-read several times since then).

As is evident by the large categories on this blog, I am a longtime connoisseur of Softcore films and TV shows. I first discovered Andy Espinoza Long in the 2015 Retromedia film College Coeds Vs. Zombie Housewives, in which he appeared in smoking hot four-way sex scene with Erika Jordan, Adriana Chechik, and Michelle Maylene, which remains one of my favorites to this day.

Lucky bastard.

A few months later he was back in Invisible Centerfolds, and I noticed from other sites that he quickly made an impression on female viewers (and some of the males too, I assume, not that there’s anything wrong with that), as well as the folks as Retromedia as he then became a regular performer in their films.

So, in other words, I got very used to seeing his bare ass on screen.

Andy’s ass, as he simulates sex with Katie Morgan in Bad Girls Behind Bars

Well, as it turns out, acting was actually Andy’s second career. He really got his start in L.A. as a male stripper. And this book, which he wrote and published last March, details his experiences getting into and out of that industry.

NOT Andy.

So how does an innocent young man from San Diego with a college degree in Political Science end up traveling across California giving lapdances to frequently intoxicated women while wearing nothing but a speedo (and sometimes not even that)? Well, over the course of 25 chapters in about 300 pages that’s what Andy explains to us.

He tells us how he got into the biz pretty much by accident one night when his roommate, whom he’d moved from SD to Hollywood with, had been working as a stripper and needed a partner for a gig. With some reluctance, Andy joined him for that gig, and turned out to enjoy it way more than he expected. And thus began a new career that spanned six years, during which he performed over 600 times in front of female audiences that ranged from giggling teenage girls to rowdy middle-aged housewives to shy senior citizens. Some of the stories are wild, some are kind of scary, and some are embarrassing.

There was the time while performing for a bunch of college coeds that Andy accidentally ripped a store-bough stripper pole out of its sockets and literally busted a large hole through the wall of some poor girl’s apartment, forcing to him to flee the scene in a hurry.

And the time he and his partner, both dressed as cops, had to pretend to actually be cops to save themselves from being beaten by a group of angry jealous drunk teenage boys.

And the time he showed up for a stripping gig only to realize after the fact that he was part of an elaborate prank.

Along the way, Andy gives us an inside view of the art of stripping, detailing how he would develop his dance routines, and the importance of such details as choosing the right music playlists to dance to and the right costumes to wear for different occasions. He also goes over the pros and cons he noticed in the difference between dancing by himself and dancing with one or more partners. In addition to private shows, he also spent several months working as a go-go dancer at a club in Bakersfield.

And if you’re wondering, yes, sometimes Andy would end up having sex with a woman at one of his performances. Twice he’s actually hired by men who want him to “perform” for their wives. He writes about these encounters but if you’re expecting explicit details, you’ll be disappointed, this isn’t that kind of book. But you’ll definitely get the picture.

There are also stories of some memorable individuals he encountered during his career, including Cucuy the transgender pimp who bragged about her 9-inched penis and had a penchant for randomly shouting out her name, and Don Poca, a highly successful stripper who also happened to be a dwarf. Also appearing in the book is Nick Hawk, from the TV series Gigolos., who helped get Andy started in his professional stripping career.

Andy also writes about his personal life. Despite the sexual nature of his job, he was also a hopeless romantic at heart, who was looking for a woman he could share his life with. He has some serious relationships during his career, including one that ended in tragedy. But I won’t spoil the details here, you’ll have to read the book to find out. And the book culminates in the events that lead Andy to conclude that his time as a stripper needed to come to an end.

The book is a great read, from start to finish. Andy writes in clear voice that makes you feel as if you’re there with him when he recounts his adventures, once I picked it up I could barely put it down until I finished.  Whether you’re an existing fan of his from his films or just someone who wants to learn what being a male stripper is like, I highly recommend that you get this book.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS


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