Behind Bedroom Doors

Written by Denise Monroe and directed by Derek Harvey, this 2003 film from MRG Entertainment/Mainline Releasing takes place in an upscale neighborhood somewhere in California. Richard Lounello stars as James, a man in the middle of a campaign running for District Attorney. Julia Kruis plays his wife Vivian. Chris Gustafson plays James’ friend Gabe, a local plastic surgeon, who is married to Lilly, who is played by Nicole Sheridan. Chelsea Blue plays Abby, a mysterious woman who moves next door to James and Vivian one day. She claims to be a wealthy divorcee, who caught her ex-husband cheating on her.

Abby quickly seduces Gabe, by showing up at his office under the pretense of getting his opinion about whether or not she needs breast implants. Despite appearing to be happily married and presumably being used to seeing naked women as patients, Gabe gives in to Abby’s charms immediately and they bang right there in his office. Abby then starts coming on to James, but he initially resists her. But his marriage to Vivian has been rocky lately, as she’s upset that he’s always so busy with his campaign that he doesn’t have time to spend with her. And when Vivian goes away by herself for a weekend, leaving James home alone, he finally can’t resist Abby either and has sex with her.

Abby then reveals to both men that she has recorded each of them having sex with her, and demands $100,000.00 from each or else she’ll go public, ruining both of their marriages and careers. What do James and Gabe do?!? Tune in to find out!

So, storywise, it’s a pretty simple “erotic thriller.” Abby’s deviousness is revealed pretty early on, before she even sleeps with either man, so it’s not much of surprise when she suddenly turns on them. And the troubles between James and Vivian never really ring true, as she just comes off as unreasonable. He’s running for D.A., something you presume that they would have discussed as a couple beforehand (she later admits that it was her idea) and should realize that would make him busy, yet she’s upset that he can’t drop everything in the middle of a campaign to go off for a weekend with her. Still, the cast are all good actors who play their parts well. The ladies were all veterans of softcore films at that point, plus Chelsea, Nicole, and Monique Alexander, who plays Abby’s partner and lover Gigi, are all also experienced in hardcore films. So they’re all attractive, with Chelsea Blue being the standout, I always thought that she was amazing. The two men are also good, with Lounello playing the conflicted husband while Gustafson is a bit more of a hound-dog.

But what really makes this film worthwhile are the NINE sex scenes. The majority of which feature Chelsae Blue. She has separate B/G scenes with Lounello and Gustafson. Separate G/G scenes with Alexander and Sheridan. And there’s a B/G/G scene with Gustafson and Alexander, sort of. The scene starts off as Abby and Gabe having sex while Gigi watches, but then halfway through Gigi gets undressed and joins in, although she only interacts with Abby, so it’s not really a “threesome” in the traditional sense. There’s a scene between Lounello and Kruis and one between Gustafson and Sheridan. All the scenes are incredibly hot, so you definitely get your money’s worth, whether you watch the film straight through or just skip ahead to the sex scenes. This was one of the better softcore films of the early 2000’s.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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