The Exotic Time Machine

I picked this film to review today mainly because it features the recently departed Nikki Fritz. Released in 1998, written by Don Pascual and directed by Felicia Sinclair this film stars Gabriella Hall and Joseph Daniels as Daria and Leon, a couple of scientists.

At least I think they’re scientists, or maybe just Leon is, I’m not sure. They may be students, as there is later a “professor” character who appears in the film. The film isn’t clear on some of these exact details, including when this film is supposed to be taking place, whether it’s the then-present of 1998 or sometime in the future. They’re on some kind of space station, where they’re working on what Daria refers to as “your time machine” when speaking to Leon. The plot begins when Daria accidentally activates the machine while Leon is standing in it and sends him back into the past. Now Daria has to find a way to bring him back, eventually getting another scientist/student/whatever named Janice (Pamela Marie) to send her back in time to get Leon before he’s trapped in the past and do so without screwing up the time-stream.

Leon originally finds himself back in late 1700’s France, where he gets seduced by Marie Antoinette and then gets sentenced to the dungeon by King Louis XVI. When Daria first tries to go back in time to find them, she’s sent too far back and ends up in the setting of the 1001 Arabian Nights tale, in the harem of the “Sultan” who has married Sheherazade. Daria manages to travel through time again, and this time she meets Leon and tries to take him back to their time but they end up in 1930’s Chicago, in a bar owned by Al Capone. Finally, Daria and Leon make it back to their time, only to discover that one of the actions they’ve taken has resulted in a drastically altered timeline, and they must go back into the past one more time to try to make things right.

So there’s the somewhat creative plot, around which we get the interlude between the sex scenes, which is where this film really excels. There are 8 altogether. Gabriella Hall and Joseph Daniels have two sex scenes. Hall has long been one of my all-time favorite softcore stars, and her scenes are always a treat. If I’d have any complaint about this film it would be that Hall doesn’t have at least one more sex scene. At one point, when she’s back in the harem, it looks like they’re leading to a lesbian scene with one of the harem girls, but it doesn’t happen. That’s a shame.

Nikkie Fritz plays Marie Antoinette. She has three sex scenes, one is a lesbian scene with Tiffany Gonzáles, who plays her lady in waiting Mimi, and she has one with Joseph Daniels and then one with Buck O’Brian, who plays King Louis XVI. Nikki is looking at her hottest here, and all of her scenes are top-notch. Daniels and Gonzales also have a sex scene together.

Karina Martinez and Everett Rodd have a sex scene together, she plays Trina, one of the harem girls, and he plays “Aladdin” one of the harem guards. That’s honestly probably the weakest scene in the film, I can’t explain why, I think the chemistry just wasn’t there between those two. And the other scene is between Andre Lemay and Taylor St. Claire, as Al Capone and his mistress “Cookie.”

Tamara Starr plays Sheherazade and she performs a sexy striptease in a scene, which is also hot.

This is a very hot film, worth checking out. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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