Erotic Day Dream

Written by Stephanie McLellan and directed by Annette Brest, this film released in the year 2000 from Mainline Releasing and Twilight Entertainment is another greatest hits film. This is where a studio takes a bunch of sex scenes from previously released softcore films and puts them together to create a “new” film.

Derek Coburn, Eric Stratton, and Kat Hare star as Willie, Roger, and Shannon. They are three friends who enter a little store, which is like an old porn shop, that offers virtual reality sex shows. You buy tokens and then go into a back room where you put on VR headsets and get to play various sex fantasies. The more tokens you buy the longer and more elaborate the fantasies are. It’s the first time for all of them in a place like that, and Shannon is the most reluctant, but they went in as a result of playing a game of truth or dare and, apparently, going to this shop is the dare.

At first just the guys go into the back room while Shannon waits in the front, but eventually she gets curious enough to go back to try it too. And that’s their role in this film, we see them watching their various fantasies, getting excited and each going back out front several times to buy more tokens to play more fantasies. Nisa Caliente plays the unnamed clerk who sits at the front desk, looking bored while she leafs through a magazine and always tells them they’re going to want more whenever one of them buys new tokens.

Near the end Roger and Shannon get so turned on that they buy a mutual fantasy to watch together, and then they leave, implying that they’re going to do it in real life. But Willie sticks around, borrowing money from Roger so he can buy more tokens and going back to the room. THE END

The unusual thing about this film is that we don’t actually get any new sex scenes in it, usually in these types of films they add at least 2 or 3 new sex scenes with the new cast, but this one doesn’t have that, just the 16 previously recorded scenes, some of which are full sex scenes but others aren’t. I was able to recognize some of the performers and where the scenes are from.

Nikki Fritz has a hot sex scene with John Roberts on a motorcycle, and Brandy Davis has a sex scene with Rick Buono in an Old Western saloon, both taken from Virtual Encounters 2.
There are two scenes of Cory Lane (aka Teresa Langley) and Timothy Di Pri taken from Dream Master: The Erotic Invader.
Shanna McCullough and Michael Meyer from Virtual Desire.
Gabriella Hall and Joseph Daniels have a sex scene, Daniels also has a sex scene with Tiffany Gonzales, and Antonia Dorian (aka Tamara Starr) plays a harem girl performing a strip tease for a Sultan, all three of those scenes are from The Exotic Time Machine.
Shayna Ryan and Juan Carlos in a sex scene from Pleasurecraft.
Two scenes from Hidden Beauties: The Awakening, one of Catalina Larranaga and David Usher, and one of Nikki Fritz and an actor credited in that film as Kirk Enochs…except I’m pretty sure that’s actually Derek Coburn who plays Willie here. Many actors in softcore have used different alias’, but Coburn and Enochs have separate IMDB pages…so go figure.

Lisa Throw has two sex scenes with different men from a movie I’ve never seen.

Amber Newman and another woman and a man whom I don’t recognize have a hot threesome scene from a movie I’ve never seen.

There’s a scene of a woman who picks up a hitchhiker out in the desert somewhere and they stop and have sex in the car. I don’t know who they are or where it’s from.

And there’s an opening scene of a man chasing two naked women on a beach, one of the women is Lori Jo Hendrix, but I don’t recognize the other two actors, nor where the scene is from.

It’s a decent enough film, for its type, and the chosen sex scenes are hot, but this has been done better before, and I wouldn’t call those an essential film. Chacebook rating: THREE STARS

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