This 1999 softcore film was written by Louise Dunkirk and directed by Franklin A. Vallette. It’s an unspecified time in the future where a 5-man crew is on the “Galactic Alliance Cargo Cruiser Prometheus” on a deep space mission. The crew is Captain Jason Harris (Juan Carlos), Carter (Billy Riverside), T.J. (Richard Burns), Len (Vincent Kessler) and an android named Dex (Paul Johnson). The crew is told to go to a planet in a restricted area of space to transport some mysterious cargo. But on their way they get intercepted by alien ship, whose leader demands the cargo and attacks the Prometheus when Jason refused. The Prometheus fires some special weapons and manage to get away from the evil aliens, but the attack leaves them with dwindling fuel and power, meaning they can’t go to light-speed, so are stranded in this remote area of space and it’s only a matter of time before the aliens find them. While they try to figure out how to find some special crystals they need to refuel the ship, Jason checks on their cargo, which turns out to be 3 women: Reva (Brandy Davis), Deena (Tamie Hannum), and Junet (Amber Newman). They’d been cryogenically frozen during the trip, but with the loss of power Jason had to revive them.

The women announce that they are special “ambassadors” who were to be present to Galactic Alliance’s commander as “wives”. Jason and the rest of the crew aren’t happy about this particular assignment, but are given their orders to continue the mission. Dex finds a nearby planet which might have the special crystals they need, so they set a course for it. Meanwhile the three ladies individually begin to seduce the men, despite Jason’s admonition to the men to stay away from them.

First, Deena seduces T.J. Then Junet seduces Carter. Reva attempts to seduce Dex but her whiles prove ineffective on him, since he’s an android who has no emotions. Then the crew lands on the planet that Dex found and the men go out in the middle of a forest to search for the crystals. Reva tries to seduce Jason, but he resists her. Elsewhere in the forest Deena meets up with Len and seduces him. Later, Jason has found some of the crystals and goes back into the ship to process them. T.J. and Carter approach Jason and try to convince him not to turn over the women to the Galactic Alliance, because they say they’ve fallen in love with them. Jason tells them to forget it, but he then finds out from Dex that the women are from an alien race where the women have special empathic abilities which make them able to please any man. And once a man has had sex with them, the men feel bonded to them for life. And when T.J. see Len walking with Deena the two men start to get into a fight over her, forcing Jason to break them up and separate them, which makes him even more determined to get rid of them.

Reva tries to convince Jason not to turn them in. When the power of the ship comes back on, they try to leave and are almost attacked by the aliens again, but the women try to hijack the ship’s systems, preventing the Prometheus from going back to Alliance space. Reva makes an offer that they have a way to create perfect clones of themselves, which could be used in their place, but Jason rejects the idea because cloning is illegal. But then Reva finally manages to wear Jason down, and seduce them. After they’ve had sex, Jason agrees to the cloning.

When the clones are complete, the Alliance ambassador (played by M.C. ‘Bulldog’ McCurdy) arrives on the ship, and they hand the clones over to him and he leaves the ship. Then the Prometheus get new orders, which will send them to the other side of the Universe, meaning that’s plenty of time for the crew and the women to spend alone together. Jason is now happy with Reva, Carter is with Junet, while T.J. and Len have agreed to share Deena (I don’t know why they didn’t just make a 2nd clone of her, so they could each have one), while Dex the android just looks one, not understanding anything about emotions.


So, in addition to the 4 full sex scenes I mentioned, there were two more. The three women have a lesbian threeway soon after they’re unfrozen. Plus there’s a scene Jason uses the ship’s virtual reality program to have VR sex with a woman who was played by Shayna Ryan. The same VR program is also used to showcase two strip scenes, one where Jason watches Reva strip out of a cheerleader outfit, and earlier in the film T.J. watches a strip scene by a woman played by Andrea R. Hargitay.

It’s a decent enough film. Don’t expect any great special effects or anything. But the three lead women are all hot. Tamie Hannum in particular stands out in her three sex scenes, and Brandy Davis is always great. I’ll rate this film with FOUR STARS.

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