THE FIRST FAMILY (the T.V. series)


I just happened to catch an episode of THE FIRST FAMILY, which is a new original syndicated TV show. I’ve looked it up and see that it’s produced by Byron Allen and debuted last year, just before the election. It’s a standard half-hour family sitcom, with the premise being that the father is The President of The United States, and they live in the White House. It’s clearly inspired by President Obama, since it’s a Black family, and the President is a Democrat. I can’t say I’m really surprised that someone had this idea for a show, although it seems a little odd that it took so long. But, putting that aside, how is it?

To put it bluntly, it sucks big fat donkey balls.

Christopher B. Duncan plays newly-elected President William Johnson, and Kellita Smith is his wife, Katherine. They have 4 children, 2 sons (played by Khylin Rambo and Sayeed Shahidi) and 2 daughters (played by Yara Shahidi and Layla Crawford) Also living in the White House with them, for reasons which are not explained (maybe that was in the first episode) also living in the White House with them are Johnson’s parents Alvin and Carolyn (John Witherspoon and Gladys Knight) and Katherine’s sister Pauletta (Jack’ee Harris).

The episode that I saw, called “The First Make-Over”, had two plots. The news falsely reports that Alvin has died, and Alvin is upset to notice that his obituary doesn’t say much, so he becomes determined to do something memorable before he really dies. This includes trying to become a Youtube sensation, by recording a rap video. The news also reports that the First Lady spends $400 dollars to get her hair done at a fancy Salon. This makes her seem out of touch with common people, so the President insists that she starts going someplace cheaper, so Pauletta takes her to a smaller Salon, where the hairdresser then shapes the First Lady’s hair into a mini-Statue of Liberty.

No, I’m not making that up. Seriously, that was the show.

I did not even come close to laughing once. The show looks cheap, the acting, even from the many veterans on the show, is subpar (though I don’t blame the cast, considering what they’re given to work with), and it’s got an over-the-top laugh track, that activates after every other line of dialogue, which only serves to highlight how UNFUNNY it actually it is. This show is so bad that I’m amazed that it’s not airing on BET. This is one sitcom that definitely deserves to be impeached.

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