MC Brains - Lovers Lane

This post is sort of inspired by the tragic death of former Kris Kross member Chris Kelly earlier this month. It got me thinking about other “one-hit-wonders” from the 1990’s, and what happened to them. James DeShannon Davis, under the name M.C. Brains (which he claimed stood for “Bringing Raps And Instrumentals Non-Stop) released the rap song “Oochie Coochie” in Dec. 1991. For those who don’t remember this lyrical masterpiece, I don’t think any description I write could do it justice, so just watch the video for yourself:

Hey, you can’t deny that beat is slammin’!

This single went on to sell over a million copies by itself. This was followed by a full-length album, Lover’s Lane (pictured above), released in March 1992 on MOTOWN RECORDS, which went Gold, selling over a half a million copies. There was a second-single released from this album, titled “EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT M.C. BRAINS” which didn’t do as well as the first single. And then M.C. Brains seemed to just disappear.

While “Oochie Coochie” can be bought as a single on iTunes, the “Lover’s Lane” album doesn’t seem to have been made available digitally, but you can find copies on Amazon.

MC Brains - Lovers Lane rear

In April 1996, under the name M.C. Brainz, he released a 2nd album on the independent label Ichiban Records, called “Brainwashed“, which did not make much of an impact (I’d never even heard of it until I was looking up the rapper today), although that album can be found on iTunes today.

So, looking him up to see what happened to him, I found this article WHAT BECOMES OF THE BROKEN HEARTED? from April 2003, by Jimi Izreal. It it, Davis gives his side of the story, where he claims that his former manager, Michael Bivens, mis-managed his career. It’s an interesting read. Near the end of the article, it says that “He has slated his comeback effort for an early 2003 release on a major label he refuses to reveal.” Well, I looked, and couldn’t find any info about any new album release in 2003 or later. I did find another interview, from early 2009: Then 2 Now: Brainz Davis (formally MC Brains), where he is now using the name Brainz Davis and he again goes over the problems he had with Bivens. He also mentions that he has a new album planned for Summer 2009, and “a major role in a film” (called TUNE UP).

As of today, May 28 2013, no new album has been released since 1996, nor any info about that movie. But Brainz is still be active. That last interview linked to a Myspace page, which is still up. I tried listening to the 6 songs he has on it, and 3 of them (I Got That Feeling, Will You Still Be There, and Butt Neck) aren’t bad. I looked around some more, and found him on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Reverbnation, as well as his own website, which says:

Now its 2013 and Brainz Davis is his name. His new series of CDs is his hottest release yet. Brainz has a tremendous amount of talent and heart; not only making this release justified; but just the beginning of the Brainz Davis legacy. Brainz was a ghost for more than ten years in the major market and now he is ready to let the world hear his story and his music. So get ready…cause Brainz is bringin the cool back and bringing adults rap music they can love again.

And his Facebook and Twitter profiles have pics of him performing. Last month he tweeted that his new album will be out Summer 2013. Will he make it this time? I mean, the man is 39 years old. His last major success was 21 years ago. And yet he’s still trying to make it back in the rap game. He’s either delusional or determined, I can’t tell which. But I will say that I’m rootin’ for him. I love underdogs, and a good comeback story. Especially if what he says about how Michael Bivens messed up his career is true, it would be great if Brainz could succeed again, against all odds. So I’ll be keeping my eye on him. If he releases a new album this summer, or whenever, I will definitely buy it, and review it on this blog.

Good luck, Brainz!

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  1. Brainz new album coming fall of 2014. This is the second coming every track on this album is fire from R&B to hip-hop. We will be in touch with you very soon to rate it since you show such interest in Brainz.


    • Damn!..I wanna hear more about this Michael Bivens story. I was reading a thread about MC BRAINS on about him catching an old Joe buddens ‘diss’. Brains tryna make a comeback off of buddens diss, judging by the youtube video Brains did-this just might work this time. Lmaooooo!!… GO MC BRAINS!! #I’M ROUTING FOR YOU

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    Brainz Davis formerly M.C. Brainz has recently dropped a new mixtape called “Dress Pants N Chucks” He is in the studio daily, working hard to get this album together which is also due for release in a couple months.

    Brainz Davis just performed at a Cleveland, Ohio event at the Phantasy Night Club in Lakewood, Ohio , His 35 minutes of performance was Outstanding, Left the audience in the crowd cheering him on.He didn’t miss a beat. He was on point the entire time.

    In your article you stated “Last month he tweeted that his new album will be out Summer 2013. Will he make it this time? I mean, the man is 39 years old. His last major success was 21 years ago. And yet he’s still trying to make it back in the rap game. He’s either delusional or determined, I can’t tell which”. The only thing I can respond to this with is… Watch and See. Brainz Davis is on a Comeback. He can be 17 or he can be 39, He still can rock the stage with the best of them.

    Here are a few links to catch M.C.Brainz aka Brainz Davis at..


    • Thanks for reading, Laura! That link you posted for the mixtape isn’t working I tried going direct to the website and can’t find it. Could you point me to another link? I would like to listen to it and post a review.


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