Directed by Fred Olen Ray (as Nicholas Medina), who also co-wrote it (along with Brett Kelly, David A. Lloyd, & Jeff O’Brien), this 2006 film features Rebecca Love as Queen Morgana, of the alien planet Aquaterra. Aquaterra is an all-female lesbian planet. And once every 20 years, she sends a spaceship to Earth to gather some human males to take back for breeding. The two members she’s sent this time are Annie (played by adult film actress Syren) and Daynow (Christine Nguyen). Neither one have ever been with a man before, and so to prepare themselves to select the best men for breeding, they watch a porn video of a man and woman (Beverly Lynne and Frankie Cullen) having sex. This turns them on, and Annie and Daynow have a lesbian sex session onboard the ship. Then they change into bikinis, which they mistakenly believe is standard Earth attire, thanks to some videos they’ve watched, and beam down to a college campus to find men.

This campus happens to be the university where a woman named Kim (played by Nicole Sheridan) attends to study astronomy. Earlier in the film, we saw her at her home, looking through a telescope, before having sex with her boyfriend Gary (Alexandre Boisvert), and then we later saw her having sex with her Professor Quastermass (Brad Bartram) in his office at school, in exchange for a passing grade in his class. She meets Annie and Daynow, and takes them back to her house, even though she doesn’t believe their story about being aliens. Nevertheless, when Gary gets home, she offers to let him have sex with the two alien women while she watches. Meanwhile, a Federal agent (Ted Newsom) has tracked the alien ship since it arrived on Earth, and somehow knows exactly where it’s from and why the aliens are here. He sends a special agent named Decker (Evan Stone) to go to the campus and find the aliens. Agent Decker goes to Professor Quartermass and tells him the story, which Quartermass and his fellow teacher, Audrey (Michelle Lay), seem to accept rather quickly. Decker and Audrey later have sex, after he uses a device to wipe her memory of the existence of the aliens (ala Men In Black). Finally, Annie and Daynow confront everyone in Professor Quartermass’ office, where they use some special devices (in the shape of vibrators, of course) to zap Quartermass, Gary, and Decker, and shrink them down to the size of Ken dolls and put them in little jars which they take back to their ship. The finale scene is a 4-way on board the ship as it flies back to Aquaterra, Decker is having sex with Annie while Gary has sex with Daynow.


This is a short film, barely and hour and ten minutes. Rebecca Love is wasted in this film, in my opinion, as she doesn’t have a sex scene, although she does appear topless in each scene that she’s in. The only two sex scenes that are really worth watching, is the Syren/Nguyen lesbian scene and then their threesome scene with Boisvert. So, overall, I think I can only give this film THREE STARS.

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