Here’s a new release from Retromedia films that came out last month. Unfortunately it’s not a “new” softcore film, as they don’t make those at the moment, but rather is a re-release of three previous films, each filmed by the legendary Fred Olen Ray, and all starring one of my all-time favorite softcore actresses, CHRISTINE NGUYEN.

All three films I have watched and reviewed before, and you can read my full reviews for each here:




I’m not sure what the impetus was behind the collection and release of these particular films. Although the first two have been out of print for awhile, and can be hard to find (legally) on DVD, so for those who have missed out on them before this should be a treat. Although, as you’ll note from my reviews, I wouldn’t consider these some of her best films, with only Voodoo Dollz getting 4 Stars from me, the other two getting 3 stars each. If I were to choose hard-to-find Christine Nguyen films for showcase on a special edition like this, I would have picked THE DEVIL WEARS NADA and SEXUALLY BUGGED!

Still, by putting these three films together on one disc, it makes it a worthwhile collection for Christine Nguyen fans, as altogether you get a total of 6 six scenes, plus one solo shower scene, featuring her. And, of course, that’s in addition to all of the other sex scenes you get from each movie, featuring such softcore pros as Monique Parent, Nicole Sheridan, Beverly Lynne, and others. And all for the price of a single movie, that’s not a bad deal!

The DVD also contains some short bloopers from the first two films, if that sort of thing interests you.

So I definitely recommend adding this DVD to your collection. And perhaps that will motivate Retromedia to release some similar collections, both of Christine and of other actresses, in the future?


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  1. Appreciate the review, but a quick statement as to the picture quality would have been nice. Are these new prints from the original camera negative, or old prints, and what is picture quality like?

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  2. Howdy JMcH! I’m not really sure about the prints. All I can say is that the picture quality looks fine to me. Although I guess I should note that I still have an old boxy analog TV, no fancy new HD flat-screen.


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