Sexually BUGGED!

sarah hunter

I saw this film (which is listed on IMDB as SEXIPEDE!) for the first time last night. Upon doing some research it looks like it was filmed in April of last year and then released in early February. But like several other recent softcore films that I’ve reviewed here, it hasn’t been made available on DVD or for download, so I can only catch it when it airs on TV (I really need to get a DVR). So there’s no box cover for me to share. The above picture is of Sarah Hunter, a model and cosplayer who has also gone by the names Lady Clankington and Nicotine. She’s definitely gorgeous and, while not the lead star in this film, this does appear to be her first big Softcore role (and she’s set to be in another film next year with one of my favorite actresses, Erika Jordan, so I’m looking forward to that). She posted a picture on Twitter of her and the rest of the cast while making the movie:

sexually bugged

Written and directed by softcore/b-move legend Jim Wynorski, under his occasional pen-name Sam Pepperman (I don’t know why he bothers with the fake names), the main star of this film Christine Nguyen, who plays Dr. Anderson. She runs a clinic called “Sexy Spa” where individuals and couples come to work on their sexual problems. Kylee Nash plays Nurse Kayla, who helps run the Spa. Sarah Hunter plays Mandy, one of the “sex workers” at the clinic, and they’re joined by adult film star Sammie Spades, making her softcore debut, as Lucy, another worker. Brandon Ruckdashel plays Sam, who is described as an orderly at the spa (the only work we ever see him doing in this film is mowing the lawn).
Rebecca Love and Frankie Cullen play Diane and Mark, a married couple who become patients at the spa to help their sex life, which has gotten boring. Rounding out the main cast is Bruce Colbert, who plays a man referred to sometimes as Professor Jones and sometimes as Dr. Jones. He has a brief non-sex role and is supposed to be the owner of the spa.

The premise is that Dr. Anderson believes she has discovered that when people have sex a mysterious bug materializes inside their bodies at the point of orgasm. She calls it a “sexipede” and is working on a way to capture one so she can prove to the world that it exists. And she believes harnessing this bug’s energy will enable her to control people’s sex drives. Or something. I don’t know. Okay, to be honest, even for a Wynorski film, the plot is pretty flimsy. Sure, he tries to throw in some twists in the end, which I won’t spoil here (let’s just say that not every character is exactly who they appear to be) but…nah, this doesn’t make this plot any deeper. It’s pretty much just an excuse to move from one sex scene to the next until the end (and it’s a short film, around an hour and 15 minutes). So this film gets a split rating. For the story, Sexually Bugged gets a Chacebook rating of: 2 STARS.

But let’s face it, you don’t watch Wynoski films for the great storylines, you watch them for the hot sex scenes. And he’s assembled a beautiful cast of ladies here, so there is much potential. There are 10 sex scenes in this film, I’m going to go down the line:

The first scene, which opens the film, is Sammie with Chad Rhodes, who plays an unnamed client at the spa. I am not familiar with Sammie’s hardcore work (although I found out that before entering the porn industry she was briefly an intern working for Hillary Clinton!), but she does a convincing job in this softcore scene. That is quickly followed by a lesbian scene between Sammie and Christine. This involves a lot of kissing and pretending to go down on each other. Nguyen is always good at these types of scenes, and that trend continues here.

Next is another lesbian scene, this one with Kylee and Rebecca. On paper this sounds like a dream scene but for some reason it just doesn’t play as hot as I’d expected. It’s mostly the two of them rubbing their breasts together for a few minutes. It is hot when they French-kiss in the end, though. And then we get a scene of Kylee and Frankie. These two have performed together before and generally have great chemistry. But this isn’t quite as good as, say, their sex scene in Housewives From Another World or even The Witches of Breastwick 2. It’s just decent.

Next is a threeway lesbian scene in the shower with Kylee, Sammie, and Sarah. That’s definitely hot. Then Nguyen has a sex scene with Ruckdashel and it’s a good one, with the only problem being that it’s a little too short. But they make it look real. This is followed by two lesbian scenes. First Nguyen, Nash, Spades, and Hunter have a four-way together (after a “lingerie inspection”). And then Nguyen and Nash have a separate scene together (outside by a bonfire at night). They were both good scenes, the ladies all seemed to be into it, but the short lengths were a problem. The 4-way was only about 3 minutes long, then they cut to another scene for about 2 minutes and then we get the 1-on-1 scene which is about 4 minutes. It would have been better, in my opinion, if instead of two short scenes they just filmed one longer scene.

The final two sex scenes are a threeway between Nguyen, Love, and Cullen, which is probably the best scene of the film, and then Nash and Ruckdashel close it out in a good scene together.

As anyone familiar with Wynorski’s output will expect, each sex is accompanied by loud techno-music playing, provided by Roobie Breastnut, who scored several Wynorski films, like Hypnotika. Only in the last threesome during you actually hear the actors moaning, and that’s only at the very end. Otherwise it’s just music. And in all of the women-only scenes, the women all turn and look directly at the camera at the end.

Overall it’s good enough collection of scenes for me to rate them: 4 STARS. It’s not a “classic,” or one of Wynorski’s best, but any film with Nguyen, Love, and Nash together is automatically worth watching and, based on this, I look forward to seeing more from Spades and Hunter in the future.

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