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Charmane Star

I’m using the above image for this review because this film hasn’t been released on DVD so there’s no box-cover or poster image to use. In fact this film isn’t even listed in IMDB, which is really weird. So I don’t even know who wrote this film, because it didn’t say so in the credits, just that it was directed by Ron Clark (whom I can’t find on IMDB either, so it may be a pseudonym). But I caught this on Cinemax last night, and I enjoyed it.

Charmane Star and Billy Chappell star as Lisa and Paul, a married couple who are going through a divorce. As the film begins they both seem to have moved on. Lisa is sleeping with her neighbor Kevin (Frankie Cullen), they get two sex scenes together, one in her shower and another on a bed, and Paul is sleeping with his lawyer Kim (Christie Stevens) and we get a sex scene of them together on a desk in her office. But then Lisa and her lawyer Dane (Ryan McLane) have a meeting with Paul and Kim to discuss the final terms of the divorce, but can’t decide on some the division of some items, so Dane suggests that Paul moves back into the house with Lisa for a week to give them time to discuss it, and then they’ll all meet again.

No, that doesn’t make ANY sense, and I can’t imagine any divorce lawyer suggesting such a thing, but it’s a movie so just go along with it, okay?

They agree and Paul moves in. And that’s pretty much what the rest of the movie is, Lisa and Paul in the house, talking and reminiscing about the past, and having sex but not being sure if they should get back together. They have sex three times over the course of the next few days, inside on a couch, outside by the pool, and back inside in the kitchen, ending with (SPOILER ALERT) them finally deciding to call off the divorce.

There’s also a bit where Kim goes over to the Dane’s house to discuss the terms, where Dane reveals that he suggested this because he’s sure that Lisa and Paul are still in love and don’t want to divorce, and then he and Kim have sex on his couch.

It’s not the most engaging story, but somehow it works. It’s short, less than an hour and a half, and at least the sex scenes (which are the main reason we watch these films, let’s be honest) are pretty hot. The majority of this film falls on the shoulders of Star and Chappell and they carry it well. You’d think that watching the same two actors having sex 3 times in one film would get boring, but they had good chemistry together and managed to make each scene feel new. Cullen and Stevens are also veterans in the softcore genre so were good in their scenes, and I was unfamiliar with Mclane before this film but he rose to the occasion in his scene with Stevens.

Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS

Check local listing on cable or PPV to find this film, and if anyone who works at Mainline Entertainment/MRG Entertainment is reading this: PLEASE RELEASE THIS FILM ON DVD!

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