Underneath the Gargoyle by Christina Harding

Trisha is a Catholic choir member and believes nobody knows the extent of her promiscuity. Little does she know the gargoyles are watching her.

I put this in my Erotica/Romance Novels category even though it’s not a full novel. It’s a short story, which I don’t have a separate category for at the moment (perhaps someday, if I end up reviewing more like this). It’s around 33 pages and was only .99 cents, so that’s quite a deal.

This story is told in first person POV from Trisha, an 18 year old girl who still lives with her mother in a small town. Like a good girl she goes to church and sings in the choir, only her best friend and fellow choir member knows Trisha is sexually active with her boyfriend Kyle, who happens to be son of the Priest, Father Cohen, who runs their church. Trish is hot women with a high sex drive, she secretly masturbates in the church during choir practice,  and soon as it’s over she grabs Kyle to sneak off to the graveyard behind the church to have sex. The next day in confession she confesses all to Father Cohen, and then seduces him, leading to them having right there in the church. It’s all really hot stuff.

It’s after that second encounter where Trisha is left alone in the church, when she is suddenly accosted by Zophar  a large gargoyle, with bat-wings, a long tails, claws and dragon-like face. He claims to be one of the marble gargoyles built on top of the church, and grabs her and flies her up there, where the other two marble gargoyles come to life, and for the rest of the night the three demonic beasts ravage her body.  Trisha’s only hope for escape is that with the sun rises the gargoyles will have to revert back to their marble forms and leave her alone…OR WILL THEY?!?

I hope I haven’t given away too much, but the main appeal here isn’t necessarily the plot but rather the writing. Christina Harding does a great job of letting us into the mind of the protagonist. It’s as if we can feel everything Trisha is feeling, from the beginning when she’s getting turned on at the naughtiness of her actions with Kyle and then Father Cohen, to her initial terror at the hands of the gargoyles, and the helplessness she feels in their hands (claws?), which, to her surprise turns into arousal as the beasts take her vaginally, anally, and orally. Harding’s masterful way with words helps paint extremely vivid pictures in the reader’s head. As soon as you finish, I bet you’ll find yourself ready for more. The fact that this is first story just makes it all the more impressive. Even if (like me) you’re not normally into paranormal erotica, I highly recommend this story.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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