Like Criminal Desires, this is another film that is not available on DVD, but I have seen playing on pay cable TV, so I’m reviewing it here.

Written by Sam Pepperman and directed by Rip Masters, both of which I believe are simply pseudonyms of Jim Wynorski, this film stars Frankie Cullen as Rob, a somewhat nerdy guy who doesn’t have any luck with women. The object of his dreams is Julie, played by the legendary Julie K. Smith, but as the film opens he’s striking out with her on a date. Billy Chappell plays Ron’s friend and coworker Tony, who has much better luck with women. Soon after his introduction we see him go off for a hot sex session with one of their coworkers, a girl named Amy (Angie Savage aka Angie Stevenson).

Later, Rob watches a commercial for a company called Hypnotika, which Tony recommended to him earlier. It’s like a resort where they implant memories into your brain, like Total Recall. Except it specializes in sexual fantasies. Rob goes there where he meets the secretary, Tiffany (Kylee Nash) and Dr. Barnes (Cindy Lucas) who explain to him the process and how it works. So Rob signs up, saying he wants to have Julie in his fantasy, and is laid down on a hospital bed to begin his injections.

I guess this is the part where, from then on, we’re not sure exactly where the fantasy begins or reality ends. Almost immediately Rob is sharing a shower with Tiffany and Dr. Barnes in a hot session. But then afterwards he goes out to the pool where he finds Amy and a girl named Candy (Annie Cruz) laying around in bikinis. They both start flirting with him and it looks like Rob’s about to get his 2nd threesome, but then Julie shows up, she insults Rob and sends him away, and then she, Amy, and Candy have a threesome in the pool.

Rob goes back to Dr. Barnes to complain that Julie wasn’t into him, like this fantasy was supposed to do, so Dr. Barnes proposed a test to see if his “implant” is working properly. The “test” involves her stripping naked for him on a pool table and then they have sex. During this time in Rob’s mind he keeps seeing Dr. Barnes switch to Julie and then back to herself over and over.

It gets more confusing after that, Rob is sent back to his office at his job, except he’s supposed to still be in this fantasy world. Tony goes to Hypnotika to look for Rob and ends up having sex first with Tiffany by herself and then a threesome with Tiffany and Dr. Barnes. So is he in the fantasy too, or is that reality? I don’t know. But we get three more sex scenes before this is over.

Rob has a threesome with Amy and Candy, before finally getting to have sex with Julie, who claims she always really liked him but was shy. And we’re treated to a 5-way lesbian scene with Julie, Amy, Candy, Tiffany, and Dr. Barnes. There’s also a scene of Julie alone in the shower, dancing and posing for the camera. Even though it’s just her by herself it’s pretty damn hot. And, oh yeah, there’s a big PLOT TWIST at the end (no spoilers).

Okay, storywise, it’s a bit of mess. I wouldn’t even give that three stars. HOWEVER, what it lakes in plot it more than makes up for in the sex department. First, all of the ladies in her are drop dead gorgeous, especially for those of you who like your women busty. While none of them may be winning any Oscars for their acting abilities, they all know how to make their sex scenes look as realistic as possible. I appreciate that we get three male/female/female threesome in this film, which is something we don’t see often enough in softcore films like this. For the dudes, both Cullen and Chappell are seasons pros in this genre by now, so they also play their parts well. So overall I very much enjoyed watching this.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

Oh yeah, the soundtrack to this film is provided by Roobie Breastnut, whose songs like “Power of The Pussy” play during the sex scenes. You can get his music on iTunes.

Unfortunately, as I said, this film hasn’t been released on DVD as of yet, and I can’t find out if there are any plans to ever do so. According to Julie K. Smith’s blog this film was made back in 2011, only finally released on cable in April 2013, and still no DVD. I didn’t catch which studio released this film, but if anyone involved is reading this, PLEASE RELEASE THIS ON DVD.

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