First, don’t worry if you haven’t seen MIRROR IMAGES before you watch MIRROR IMAGES 2, you won’t be lost. Other than the title, this film has nothing to do with the previous film. It simply continues the theme of two sexy twin sisters being involved in some major crime. Written by Daryl Haney and directed by Gregory Dark (as Gregory Hippolyte) and released in 1993 from Axis Films International, this movie stars Shannon Whirry in the dual role of Carrie and Terrie. As teenager Carrie was the shy prudish girl, while Terrie was the wild promiscuous girl. One day, in high school, Terrie pretended to be Carrie and seduced Carrie’s boyfriend Tommy (Jeremy McCollum), and then Carrie walked in and caught them. That night their father (Richard Eden) tried to discipline Terrie, but she revealed that when she was a young girl she saw him kill their mother and their mother’s lover. He denies it, they fight, and she pushes him down the stairs and he dies, and then Terrie just leaves. Carrie hasn’t seen her since.

Now in the present, Carrie is unhappily married to Clete (Luca Bercovici), a corrupt cop who only married her for her money, and spends his free time picking up hookers and forcing them to have sex with him. Eventually Carrie hires a Private Investigator named Jake (Tom Reilly) to follow Clete and see what he’s been up to. Dan finds out that Terrie is in town, working as a prostitute, and that she and Clete are plotting together to get Carrie’s money. Initially, Dan just wants to use Terrie to make it look like Carrie is cheating on him, so he can divorce her for committing adultery and get half her money, but Terrie wants to just kill Carrie and take her place, so they can get all of her money. Dan reveals this to Carrie, and they plot to set up Clete and Terrie so they can get them both arrested, but Dan also reveals his plan to Terrie, and tries to make a deal with her. So whose side is he really on, and how will this turn out? You’ll have to see it to find out. And if you do, you’ll be glad that you did.

I’ve written before that I think Shannon Whirry is the sexiest actress to ever appear in softcore films, and this film gives us ample opportunities to witness her in action. Whirry has sex scenes, playing both Carrie and Terrie, with men and women in this film. Terrie impersonates Carrie and has sex with Carrie’s therapist (Kristine Kelly) and the husband of Carrie’s housekeeper (Ken Steadman). She also has sex with Clete, and with a couple of “Johns” (Chip Campbell and Dennis Healey, as Chris Cardona), and with Jake. And then Carrie dresses as Terri and has sex with a female prostitute (played by adult film star P.J. Sparxx), and also has sex with Jake. There’s also another sex scene with Bercovici and Sara Suzanne Brown, who plays another prostitute that he picks up on the job. So this film is full of erotic scenes, with a captivating story that will intrigue you from start to finish. 5 STARS

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