I Like To Play Games Too

This film came out in 1999 but, believe it or not, I’d never even heard of it until last December ago. That’s when I decided to rewatch and review the original I Like To Play Games film from 1995, and that’s when I saw info about this sequel. So I proceeded to track it down and give it a watch.

I assumed that this would be one of those sequels-in-name-only that’s rather common in the softcore genre, such as Friend of The Family 2 and Mirror Images 2. Actual sequels, in which characters from one film return into the next, such as SCORNED and SCORNED 2 and ANIMAL INSTINCTS and its two sequels, are somewhat rare in this genre.

David Keith Miller, who wrote the first film, teamed up with director Edward Holzman to write this sequel., Unfortunately, Lisa Boyle doesn’t return, and instead, Maria Ford takes over the role of Suzanne. It’s an undisclosed amount of time since the events of the first film, but since then Suzanne left the advertising firm that she and Michael (who is referenced but not seen in this film) worked at and has formed her own private firm, in which she appears to be doing very well. Scott Carson takes over the role of Nick, a supporting character who was played by James DiZazzo in the first film. He shows up to see Suzanne early on in the film, and offers her a new client, a man named Dominick, who is rich from owning a string of successful “gentleman’s clubs.” Nick’s own firm didn’t want to work with someone in that line of work, but Nick thinks it would be good for Suzanne. With some initial reluctance, she agrees to meet with Dominick.

Bobby Johnston plays Dominick. Suzanne goes to meet him at one of his clubs, and he tells her that he wants to hire her to work out a campaign to promote his clubs. Then he invites her to an intimate private dinner, where they both reveal their mutual interest in “playing games.”

And this is the basic premise of the rest of this film. Similar to the first film, but with the roles reversed. This time Suzanne is the one who most often finds herself at the mercy of Dominick’s whims, as he’s even better at playing sexual mind games than she is. The games get kinkier and the stakes get higher until the film reaches its explosive climax.

Okay, so I will say that Maria Ford does a good job in the lead. She’s not quite as good an actress as Lisa Boyle was, but in my opinion, she is a bit more attractive, so that definitely helps. Bobby Johnston was already a veteran of softcore films at this point, so he did an excellent job. And he and Ford have great chemistry both in their dramatic scenes and in their three sex scenes. Kim Dawson (aka Kim Sill) also has a role in the film as Dominick’s PR person, and she and Johnston also have a sex scene together. Johnston also has a sex scene with Stephanee LaFleur, who plays Suzanne’s assistant Tracy. Ford has a brief lesbian scene with Nenna Quiroz, who plays another employee of Domnick’s, and a lesbian 3-way scene with Catalina Larranaga and Nancy O’Brien. Several other unnamed actresses, playing strippers, get nude or topless in the film, so there’s lots of eroticism to be seen throughout. Combined with the compelling story, this is a film that I can highly recommend.

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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