Corporate Fantasy

This 1999 film is written by Garrett Clancy and Catalina Larranaga (who also appears in the film), and directed by Charles Randazzo. It stars Tracy Ryan as Daisy, a shy young woman who lives with her friends Gloria (Larranaga) and Tammy (Susan Featherly) in a big house. Daisy just moved in 2 weeks earlier and has gotten a job as a secretary at the advertising firm that Gloria and Tammy work at.

The firm is a bit of boys club, Jarod Carey and Karl Preston play Orlando and Kevin, the other two execs at the firm, and John Gallo is Blake Tyler, the supervisor. The three of them are all sexist pigs who regularly talk about the women in the office as sex objects. Kevin and Gloria are having an affair, even though he’s married. And Blake is seen both berating and hitting on Daisy, who rebuffs his advances. We learn that the three men have made a bet about who can get Daisy into bed first, and with Blake striking out and Gloria not wanting to ruin his affair with Gloria, it’s now up to Orlando to take his shot at her. Meanwhile, Gloria and Tammy are trying to get Daisy out of her shell and convince her to start dating, which she’s been avoiding since she moved in with them.

So that’s the basic plot of the film, Orlando pursuing Daisy while the other women try to get her to loosen up.  I don’t think this its too much of a spoiler for me to reveal that Orlando eventually does get Daisy into bed, but by then he’s developed real feelings for her. But then she finds out about the bet and is righteously mad at him, so he has to try to convince her that he really likes her. This is the pretty standard outcome of every film or TV show when someone bets or is paid to pretend to fall for someone else, so you’ll no doubt see that ending coming a mile away, that’s why I’m fine with revealing it here. Also, there’s a storyline where the firm is working on an ad campaign for a bikini company, but that’s just an excuse to get some women in (and out of) bikinis in the film, and there’s also a plot where Daisy discovers some financial discrepancies in the firm’s accounting records and tries to expose them, but that just feels like an attempt to make this film a bit more dramatic than it actually is.

And what it is is a decent softcore film with an attractive cast and some hot sex scenes.

Tracy Ryan has a scene where she masturbates with vibrator in her bed, which is very hot. And she and Jerod Carey have three sex scenes together, although only one of them is complete. One of them is just a daydream-sequence, which gets interrupted before it’s finished and another ends early because her character isn’t ready to go all the way at that point. She and Catalina also have a very hot lesbian scene.

Catalina has a sex scene with Karl Preston, as they do it in the supply room at the office, while Daisy secretly watches. Disappointingly, Susan Featherly only has one scene where she masturbates in her bed, while totally nude. It’s hot, but I would have liked to have seen more with her.

There’s also a sex scene with Stephen Francis and Jaimee Mangel, he plays a photographer and she’s one of the bikini models that the firm is working with. Anna Davidoff and porn star Vicca play two other bikini models and they have a lesbian sex scene together.

Well-acting with some good scenes, this is a film worth watching. Chacebook rating: FOUR STARS


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