I Like To Play Games

Former Playboy covergirl Lisa Boyle, today an accomplished photographer, was one of my favorite softcore film stars during the 1990s. She didn’t make a lot of starring softcore roles, but whenever she did appear, such as in the previously-reviewed Friend of The Family and Dream Master: Erotic Invader, she always made a huge impression on me. She had this unique quality of looking both innocent and seductive at the same time. She always would pop up from time to time in a ton of mainstream TV shows and films, from a brief recurring role on Married With Children to cameos in the first Bad Boys film and Warren G’s I Shot The Sherrif music video.

This 1995 film was her first real leading role. Written by David Keith Miller and directed by Bob Kubilos, Ken Steadman stars as Michael, a leading ad-executive and unrepentant ladies man. Lisa stars as Suzanne, a new woman hired at his firm, whom Michael becomes immediately infatuated with, and strives to get her into bed only to soon discover that he’s met his match in the seduction department.

And, y’know, it’s funny, but until this very moment, I never realized that that’s the same starting premise as Eddie Murphy’s 1992 film Boomerang. Now I can’t help but wonder if the filmmakers took any inspiration from it?

Moving on, so the basic story is that as Michael attempts to pursue Suzanne she plays a serious of mind-games on him, using her sexuality to entice him into doing her will, including role-playing, sex in public places and experimenting with bondage. It’s all fun and games until it starts negatively impacting Michael’s life and career, such as when he’s arrested for indecent exposure and later misses an important meeting with a client because Lisa left him tied naked to a bed. Finally realizing that he needs to break free from Lisa’s control, events take a surprisingly violent turn at the end.

It’s an engrossing film, one which relies heavily on the interplay between the two leads, and thankfully Boyle and Steadman have excellent chemistry together. They share a lot of erotic scenes, in which they get sexual and naked together, although they really only have three full sex scenes, where they go all the way. There’s the aforementioned bondage scene, where Lisa rides him while he’s tied to a bed, and a later scene of sex outdoors by a pool. And there’s a threesome scene where the two of them are joined by Jennifer Burton, who plays a friend of Suzanne’s. All of the scenes are smoking hot, and worthy of repeat viewing.

Also getting briefly getting topless in the film is Pamela Dickerson, who plays an ex-girlfriend of Michael’s.

This is a classic film in the softcore genre, and exciting to watch. Chacebook rating: 5 STARS

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