Written by Vernon Lumely and directed by Jackie Garth, this 1996 film stars Patrick Ahern as Garth, a college professor and scientist who is doing research about dreams, trying to develop techniques to induce lucid dreaming, which is a state where the dreamer realizes that he or she is in a dream and therefor is able to take control of the dream, and also a way for multiple people share each other’s dreams.

We learn that Grant’s dedication to his work has caused his fiancé Susan (Robbie French) has left him for his best friend Robert (David Ranker). In his dreams he relives the night she left him, but changes it so that she stays and they start having sex. But a mysterious and sexy woman named Devora (played by Patricia Skeriotis) keeps appearing in his dreams and taking over, making Susan disappear and then trying to seduce him. Grant later has a different dream, where he rescues a woman (Jennifer Barnes) from drowning and they have sex on the beach at night. But once again Devora appears and ruins it. Grant is convinced that Devora must represent some woman from his past that he just can’t remember.

Grant gets three students to volunteer for his research. Each student has recurring dreams of sexual frustration. Timothy Di Pri aka Timothy Di Prizito plays Troy who, despite being a muscle-bound hunk, is still a virgin due to his disastrous first attempt at sex with a girl when he was younger. Now Troy keeps dreaming about seeing the girl (played by Teresa Langley aka Teresa Politi) laying on a bed in a nightgown waiting for him, but there’s an invisible wall blocking him from getting to her. Kristen Knittle plays Dani, who relives an innocent from her youth, when she snuck into bed with her foster brother one night, but was then caught by their foster mother and punished. And Lisa Boyle (aka Cassandra Leigh) plays September. We never do get around to learning what her dreams are.

With the help of Grant’s machines, both Troy and Dani are put to sleep and are able to take control of their dreams and have sex in them, in two VERY hot scenes. We get a sex scene between Grant and September, but it turns out to be a dream, and it’s really Devora in control. We learn that Devora is basically a succubus, trying to steal Grant’s soul through his dreams (by having sex with him). September uses Grant’s techniques to go into Grant’s dream and try to help him fight Devora, but then she gets trapped in a dream herself by Devora, and now Grant has to rescue her…

I won’t spoil the ending, but let’s just say it end with one more REALLY hot sex scene. This is very good erotic film. Despite the somewhat silly premise, the actors all play it straight, which makes it easy to go along with. And, as I said, all the sex scenes are hot, with a very attractive cast (Skeriotis & Boyle in particular stand out, and the scene where Devora is trying to seduce September is scorching).

Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

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