Emmanuelle In Space: A World Of Desire


And now here’s my recap and review of the 2nd disc from this classic Softcore TV series. Once again produced by Alain Siritzky and directed by L.L. Shapira (aka Lev L. Spiro), with Noel Harrison listed as screenwriter this time.

It opens with Emmanuelle back on the spaceship, trying to explain the appeal of erotic images to the crew, but it’s not something that they understand. So she takes one crew member, called Theo 204 (Timothy Di Pri aka Timothy Di Prizito) down to Earth with her to visit a friend of hers named Dirk (Steve Michaels), an older man who is a very successful photographer, mostly nude female models. He lives in a mansion with horse stables. When Emmanuelle and Theo arrive, Dirk invites them to stay for a couple of days. Dirk is a confirmed voyeur, which is perfect for his profession, I guess. There’s a scene where he and Emmanuelle are alone in his office and she masturbates on his coach while he watches (Krista gets topless in this scene, but keeps her pants on, and sticks her hand inside). Emmanuelle tells Dirk about Theo’s inexperience with women, so he sends a frech maid (played by Delphine Pacific) to the bedroom that Theo is in. And Dirk and Emmanuelle watch on a TV via a closed-circuit camera as the maid seduces Theo. The sex doesn’t last long as Theo gets over-excited and cums too soon. That night, Emmanuelle comes in to join him, wearing a sexy white nightie, and begins to come on to him but Theo rejects her saying that it wouldn’t be right to have sex with her because she’s supposed to be his guide (MORON!). So they just go to sleep together. The next morning Theo gets up and notices a stable girl named Angela (played by Angela Cornell) riding around on a horse, and goes out to see her. When Emmanuelle wakes up alone in bed she’s greeted by another maid, Sylvia (played by Tami Simsek) who gets into bed with her and then two of them begin to kiss and make out, with Sylvia pulling down the straps of Emmanuelle’s nightie so she can kiss her breasts. It’s starts out very hot but, unfortunately, they’re not allowed to finish as Dirk walks in and sends Sylvia out. And then he and Emmanuelle begin to have sex. At first the camera hides Dirk’s face during the scene, which has him taking Emmanuelle doggy-style, but then we see that it’s actually Haffron. Emmanuelle is surprised when she see Haffron, who reveals that he came down to Earth to check on her and Theo, because he suspects that Theo may not want to leave, but Emmanuelle assures him that she’ll handle it. There’s another scene when Emmanuelle gets topless to pose for some new pictures for Dirk. And then we see Theo and Angela having sex in the stables, and afterward Theo believes that he’s in love and wants to stay with Angela, but Haffron forces him back on the ship, and order him to be “frozen”.

Good episode, although I wish we could have gotten a scene with Emmanuelle and Theo, as well as one with Emmanuelle and the maid. But Di Pri and Cornell’s stable scene was worth it.

The next episode involves a secret Buddhist temple in Tibet, which specializes in tantric sex to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The man who runs the temple (P.S. Sono), who is only referred to as “The Abbot”, claims to be over 300 years old and says he’s known Emmanuelle over “many lifetimes”. We get a sex scene in the temple between a man and woman (Andrew Lim and Joy Figueroa), as an example of this tantric sex. Emmanuelle takes a crew member, Cara (played by Debra K. Beatty) down to the temple with her, where The Abbot welcomes them. He’s aware that Cara is from an alien race, but that doesn’t faze him. He gives them a private room, where Cara soon starts coming on to Emmanuelle, and they have sex. Afterward, a monk (James Wongstein) walks in on them, and then he and Cara have sex while Emmanuelle lays next to them and watches. Up in the spaceship, Haffron is monitoring the events. He orders Theo 204 to be unfrozen so he can monitor the sex with him, but they find that Theo is missing. So Haffron teleports down to the temple to see if Theo is with Emmanuelle. Emmanuelle introduces Haffron to The Abbot, and then Haffron, Cara, and Emmanuelle watch as Police Commissioner Li Tsiu (Priscilla Choi), who is a secret member of the temple (which is illegal in China) has a threesome with two monks (James Wongstein again, and another man whose name I didn’t catch). Then The Abbot gives Haffron, Cara, and Emmanuelle some special tea to drink, for a meditation session. During the session, both Haffron and Cara imagine having sex with each other on the spaceship, and we see that scene. And Emmanuelle imagines her in the place of Li Tsiu, having sex with the two monks, although for some reason Krista keeps her bra on during the scene. And then they teleport back to the spaceship.

Some good scenes here, specially the ones with Debra K. Beatty, who is almost as hot as Krista Allen herself.

Final episode they’re tracking Theo 204. He and Angela have run off together and are on the road. The spaceship has tracked them to some little Gypsy town, so Emmanuelle volunteers to go down by herself to try to convince Theo to return. She immediately runs into Don Rameu (Jesus Nebot), the local King of the gypsies and the attraction between the two of them is intense. Don arranges for a room for Emmanuelle and sends two gypsy women (Dede Shire and Angela Mia) to give her a sponge bath. This involves Angela first using the sponge on Emmanuelle’s legs, leading up her dress and between her legs, while Dede starts massage Emmanuelle’s head and neck, down to her shoulders, and then inside her shirt to caress her breasts. And then Don is brought in. And Emmanuelle gets on the bed and seductively strips for him, and when she’s fully nude he gets on the bed with her and they have sex while the two gypsy women watch (Dede pulls down Angela’s top, revealing one of Angela’s breasts during the scene). This one of the hottest scene in the whole series. Certainly the hottest scene that involves Krista with a man other than Paul Michael Robinson (Haffron). Speaking of Haffron, as he and Cara monitor the sex from the spaceship, he begins to feel jealous for the first time. He later teleports down to see Emmanuelle, first transforming himself to look like Don but then turns back to himself after he Emmanuelle start kissing. He reveals his feelings, which are new to him, then he and Emmanuelle have a hot sex scene.

When Emmanuelle finds Theo and Angela, she’s sympathetic to their feelings. And when she finds out that aliens have cloning technology, she helps Theo clone himself, so that the clone, Theo 205, can take his place on the ship, while he stays on Earth with Angela. Happy ending!

Another great collection of episodes from this fabulous series. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

Emmanuelle in Space – The Complete Collection

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