Emmanuelle In Space: One Last Fling


And here’s my recap and review of the 6th disc from this DVD boxset. Produced by Alain Siritzky and directed by Jean-Jacques Lamore and written by J.C. Knowlton, starring the one of a kind Krista Allen as Emmanuelle.

This disc focuses the most on Emmanuelle and Haffron (Paul Michael Robinson). The two of them visit a temple in Greece, but for some reason Emmanuelle take the form of another woman, played by Jennifer Burton. They invite the rest of the crew down and dressed in togas they all have a banquet in the temple. then at some point it changes to Haffron and Emmanulle, still played by Jennifer Burton, in a bathtub naked kissing and caressing each other while Cara and Jay wash them with soap. The other couples spit up and start having sex around them. It’s an interesting scene but hard to focus on any one couple when the camera is panning around them all. Afterward the crew goes back to the ship, while Haffron and Emmanuelle stay behind and then have sex. That whole sequence would have been better if it had featuring Krista Allen, although I do like Jennifer Burton.

After that they Haffron and Emmanuelle, back to being Krista, go back to the ship. Haffron says that it’s getting close to time for his crew to leave Earth. Emmanuelle proses a final world tour. They start off by teleporting to a boat in the ocean, and we get a really hot scene of them having sex on a bed. Then Haffron steps away for a moment, and Tascha (Tiendra Demian) joins her on the bed and they have sex.

Next episode starts with Haffron and Emmanuelle taking a shower together, then getting back into bed and having sex again. Afterward they’re both getting hot, so Emmanuelle suggest they teleport to a cabin in the Rocky Mountains, where it’s colder. When they get there Haffron is too cold, so Emmanuelle warms him up with more sex. And then they teleport to a train in China. While on the train a government soldier starts coming from room to room checking passports. Haffron goes off to hid and runs into Commissioner Li Tsiu (Priscilla Choi), last seen in A World Of Desire. She takes him into her room and they have sex on a couch. Afterward he goes back to Emmanuelle’s room.

Haffron and Emmanuelle teleport to another cruise ship. They have sex twice, plus there’s another scene of Emmanuelle in the shower, although they mostly have her behind the shower door, so we don’t see as much as we have in previous shower scenes. There’s also a bit where another passage on the ship breaks into their room while their out and steals Haffron’s teleportation/transmorph device and they have to get it back from him. Plus there’s a subplot where Theo (Timothy Di Pri) accidentally damages the spaceship’s cloaking device, meaning that government satellites can track them and send fighter jets after them, so he, Cara (Debra K. Beatty), Raymond (Reginald Chevalier) and Tasha (Tiendra Demian) how to figure out how to get it working again before they’re discovered and destroyed.

Spoiler alert – they succeed and Haffron and Emmanuelle make it back to the ship. And now it’s time for them to say their final goodbyes…

This is my favorite disc in the series. Krista and Paul’s chemistry is off the charts, and their sex scenes together here make this entire box-set worth buying just by themselves. I highly recommend it. FIVE STARS

Emmanuelle in Space – The Complete Collection

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