Beautiful Bounty aka The Bounty Huntress

This film was originally released in 2001 under the title Beautiful Bounty. Written by Karen Stone and directed by Madison Monroe, it stars Mary Shannon as J.C., a bounty hunter. Her specialty appears to be hunting down and catching people who’ve been arrested and skipped out on bail. Dillon Morgan Silver plays her boss Benny, a bail bondsman. Early in the film J.C. catches her latest subject and then returns to Benny who gives her a new assignment, she needs to find a mobster named Franco who’s wanted by the feds. He’s also wanted by the mob for turning states evidence. Jason Schnuit plays Lance, another bounty hunter who works for Benny, and Benny assigns him and J.C. to work together to find Franco, since this is such an important case. J.C. and Lance don’t like each other, and initially refuse to work together but eventually decide that it’s better to join forces.

Devinn Lane and Kimber Lynn play Dusty and Jasmine, a couple of escorts who were known to service Franco, and J.C. believes that the two of them will have some information on how to find him. Then when Dusty gets shot at, they realize that the ladies lives are in danger as they know a lot about Franco’s crimes (he liked to brag while he was with them). John Russell Hughes plays Tom, the local D.A. who is also J.C.’s ex-husband. He was the one planning to prosecute Franco and then use him against the mob, and George Thomas plays Franco.

So there’s the basic plot of the film, J. C. is trying to hunt down Franco before the mob finds and kills him, while also trying to keep Dusty and Jasmine safe. There are a couple of unexpected plot twists before the film is over, as the case turns out to be more complicated that it initially appeared to be. It’s a pretty good story, especially for a softcore flick, and it’s helped by the talented cast. Mary Shannon in particular is a great leading lady here, she carries most of the film and does it well. I’ve liked her in the other softcore roles I’ve seen her in, unfortunately she only had a short career over a couple of years. I’ve also long been a fan of Jason Schnuit as actor, and he’s good here too.

Now lets talk about the most important thing: the sex scenes!

The film is about an hour and half long, during which time we get eight sex scenes. Mary Shannon has two, one with John Russell Hughes and one with George Thomas. I’d say this is a minor complaint I have about this film in that, as the star, Mary should have gotten at least one more scene, in my opinion. For a minute I thought we might get a lesbian scene with her and Devinn Lane, which would have been hot, but it didn’t happen.

Devinn does have a lesbian scene with Kimber Lynn, she also has scene with Sebastien Guy, who plays a criminal that J.C. catches and arrests early in the film, a scene with Jason Schnuit and threesome scene with Kimber and Jason. Kimber and Jason also have a one-on-one scene together.

There’s also a scene between Dillon Morgan Silver and Keri Windsor, who plays a woman that goes to Benny to get him to bail out her brother whose been arrested, but Benny is reluctant because her brother is a bit of a career criminal, so she convinces him by having sex with him (of course).

All the scenes are hot, and with the engaging story, you don’t even necessarily need to fast-forward just to skip to them. Well-shot, decent plot, hot sex scenes, Beautiful Bounty is everything you could want in a softcore film. Chacebook rating: FIVE STARS

The film was later re-titled THE BOUNTY HUNTRESS when it was released on DVD.

Bounty Huntress

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