Emmanuelle In Space: A Time To Dream

And now here’s my recap and review of the 5th disc from this classic Softcore TV series. Once again produced by Alain Siritzky and this is directed by David Cove with Mark Evan Schwartz listed as screenwriter.

The theme of this disc, as evidenced by the title, is dreams. The alien crew doesn’t dream, and so Emmanuelle decides to teach them about dreams, and how you can explore sexual fantasies in them. So while she sleeps on a special table in the spaceship, the Haffron (Paul Michael Robinson) and the crew gather around her and use their special head-band devices to telepathically monitor her dreams, and that’s what we see acted out on screen.

First, Emmanuelle dreams of going to some big castle, and settles into her room. Raymond (Reginald Chevalier) and Cara (Debra K. Beatty) are already there when she arrives, and then Pierre (Brad Nick’ell) and Tascha (Tiendra Demian) show up. Then two other female crewmembers, Jay (Lori Morrissey) and Gee (Holly Hollywood aka Stacey Mobley), arrive. And when Emmanuelle hears a noise in the room next to hers, she looks in and sees Theo (Timothy Di Pri) and a woman (I dind’t catch her character’s name) naked on the bed. Later that night she looks out her window and see Raymond and Cara having sex in an outdoor hot tub. That’s our first full sex scene of the disc, about 9 minutes into it, and it’s pretty hot (again notable for being an interracial sex scene, which is rare in softcore), and also give the real Raymond and Cara some idea up on the ship. In a flashback we get a replay of a sex scene from A Lesson In Love where Emmanuelle had sex in a dark room with a man (Carl Ferro), but we can’t see much. Then Emmanuelle takes a shower, and we’re treated to lingering close-ups of Krista’s nude body. Meanwhile, Emmanuelle has a crystal ball that she found somewhere, and while she’s in the shower a male genie (Andre Lemay) appears out of it. He introduces himself to Emmanuelle, and she names him Gene.

That night there’s a big banquette at the castle, with all the couples from earlier eating at the table. And Emmanuelle inadvertently makes a wish that results in everyone getting naked and having sex on the table (Pierre and Tascha, Raymond and Cara, Jay and Gee, Theo and that woman ) while she and Gene watch. It’s an interesting scene, but it’s hard to concentrate on any one couple as the camera pans around the table.

Later, Gene tells Emmanuelle of his very first “master” centuries ago in the Middle East. A man named Kareem who has a harem filled with multiple wives, the youngest and one who loves him the most is Zanzi (played by Krista). All he seems to do is lay around in his fancy tent while his other wives (played by the various women who are from the alien crew) massage him or some of them do a sexy dance for him and strip. There are 3 different scenes, including one in a bath, where he is in bed with all of the other wives at once. For some reason, we’re lead to believe that Zanzi in considered the ugly duckling of the wives (which is hard to believe when you see Krista in her cleavage-bearing outfit), the wives make fun of her and Kareem under-appreciates her. We get a scene where one of the wives (I don’t know which actress it is) gets naked an masturbates while Tasha secretly watches her. That’s where Gene reveals himself to her and offers to grant her deepest wish, which is to be to have Kareem to himself. When Zanzi tries to join in with Kareem and the other wives, she gets frustrated and wishes that all the other wives would go away and tries to have sex with Kareem one on one, but he’s not satisfied being with just one woman, so it doesn’t go well.

Then we get another hot scene of Raymond and Cara having sex on the spaceship, after getting turned on from watching Emmanuelle’s dreams. The finale dream sequence has Emmanuelle as herself, back in the middle east, meeting a mysterious man that is supposed to be her “dream lover,” who turns out to be Haffron, and they have sex in one of the tents. It’s a very hot scene. The Emmanuelle finally wakes up, and the crew disperses, leaving her alone with Haffron, and they kiss.

Not as much Krista as previous volumes, but what we got here was fantastic. Another great disc. FIVE STARS

Emmanuelle in Space – The Complete Collection

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